Solid Wood Display Case | Useful Retro Style Stand

Solid Wood Display Case | Useful Retro Style Stand

museum display case

Museum Display Case Glass Showcase & Glass Display Stand Custom-Made Display Fixture for Sale

Museum antique display stand & glass display case for sale

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Museum antique display stand & glass display case for sale


Product color: dark gray, medium gray, black, solid wood texture, dark blue, white, etc. are commonly used in museum showcases. Specifically, the colors of the showcases must be customized according to the cultural background of different exhibition halls, such as antique ceramics, famous painting, and calligraphy exhibition halls, and the more colors used are dark gray and black. The most common colors used in school history museums and exhibition halls are white and dark blue. It is important that the color of the showcase should be coordinated and matched with the on-site decoration style of the exhibition hall.

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Showcase material cabinet body: there are three kinds of materials that are more used

One: steel plate, the surface is electrostatic spraying

Two: MDF (Medium-density fiberboard), the surface is painted.

Three:  plywood as a base material, with solid wood veneer on the outside.

The glass of the showcase material: 6+6 laminated ultra-white glass is more used

Lamps and lanterns made of showcase materials: According to the atmosphere required by the on-site environment, you can choose neutral light LED lights or warm light LED lights. Or more expensive fiber optic lighting.

The way of opening the showcase: glass front door opening, glass side opening door, and electric sliding door are commonly used.

Related accessories: museum-specific locks, museum-specific door hinges, electric sliding door systems, infrared alarm systems, etc.



Using the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the display stand. Then use the film to wrap the display. Then build the wooden box as the outer package.

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