20ft container restaurant

Industrial Outdoor Container Restaurant Design of Portable Food Bar Cafe for Sale

3D Design container restaurant | cake/ice cream display container shop

3D Design container restaurant | cake/ice cream display container shop

40ft Double-deck container restaurant |outdoor fast food container shop

Outdoor container shop for sale

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The container is one of the most popular outdoor pavilions. Its shape is very attractive and beautiful, just like a restaurant. We can also install an air conditioner and other required equipment in it. Not only is it cheap, but we can decorate it to your liking according to our preferences.

40ft outdoor container restaurant

The above is the design of this 40ft container restaurant. It has a door and a large sales window. Outside the container, we can make a large wooden floor, then put tables and chairs here, customers can enjoy their food here. There are some fences around the top layer of the container, And some tables and chairs, this is also a seating area. Inside the container is the work area, which is equivalent to a kitchen. Once we put all our machines inside, we can make delicious food here. Generally, the counters inside are equipped with sinks, we can also install sockets in it so that our machine can run. In the design drawing, we can see the location of each machine and the location of the cash register. When we want to make a container store, the design is very necessary. Because only in this way can we know what our container store looks like before we do it, where our machines will be placed, what our sales window and container structure are, and the design can help us confirm many details. We can also design your logo and lightbox in your container shop. They can be used decoration.


This container shop includes the inside counter, floor, light logo, lightbox, sink, tables, and chairs. We can complete the design, manufacture, and transportation of an entire container. When you receive the goods, you can connect the local power supply and use. Basically no need to install. When you want to make a container, you can contact us and tell us your requirements. We will make a design for you, after confirming the design, we will produce according to the furniture in the design drawing.

Design: 2-3 working days. The design fee is 300usd, when we place an order, it will be returned to you.

Production time: About 22-28 working days.

Transportation: Regarding the container, it is generally whole transportation, the price of transportation is generally the price of the 40ft container. The transportation time based on your country.


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Color orange
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Metal, Plywood, Laminate
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