coffee outdoor kiosk

Coffee Outdoor Kiosk & Beverage Display Counter Used in Outside with Durable Material

Outdoor cafe design | small size street coffee kiosk for sale

Outdoor cafe design | small size street coffee kiosk for sale

Outdoor chips display kiosk |3x2m durable food stand

Modern fast food display stand for sale

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Outdoor kiosks are popular with people because of their low cost. On the street, we can often see many snack kiosks. It is like a mini shop. We can make any food we want inside and sell them to customers. We can apply to the government for a more lively place, and then seat outdoor kiosks to start our business. The cost is much lower than for starting a shop. It is very durable and protected from exposure to sunlight and rain.

Outdoor snacks display kiosk

The size of this outdoor kiosk is 3x2m. It mainly sells snacks and drinks. On its front is a big sales window, it can accommodate up to two people inside, the size of this outdoor kiosk is relatively small. We can decide the size of the outdoor kiosk according to our machine or business. There is a counter in it. We can put our products on the counter or put our machine in it. We have a seating area outside the outdoor kiosk. This seating area is a protruding board. We can put chairs here, and customers can also rest here. We can install spotlights on the top of the kiosk, so that we can work normally at night, if you have a logo, we can also put the logo on the kiosk.

We are a company that integrates design, production, and transportation. When you want to make an outdoor kiosk, we will help you make a design, confirm the design, and then produce and transport it to the country you specify. Regarding the installation of the kiosk, if the height of our kiosk does not exceed 2.2m, it can be transported as a whole. So that you can use it directly when you receive the goods. If the size of our kiosk does not match the size of the container, then the kiosk must be split into several parts. When you receive the goods, you can install the kiosk according to our installation guide. You have other needs, such as want to buy some machines, we help you to buy and ship them to your country together. We can provide complete design and construction drawings. If your kiosk needs a local part review, you can send these materials to them and we will start production after passing the approval.

Our design time is about 2-3 working days and the design fee is 300usd when we place an order, it will be returned to you. The production time is 22-28 working days. And the transportation time and price are based on your nearest port or your address. Our payment term is 50% order deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment. We support TT Bank Transfer, Western Union, and Alibaba. If you have any questions, you can contact us for more details.


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Color blue
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Metal, MDF, Baking paint
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