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new finish tea kiosk design unique outdoor tea counter for sale

it is a unique design outdoor tea kiosk
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Hello friends,  today we will introduce our new design tea kiosk to you and hope you enjoy it. Tea is a natural beverage and it is one of the three most consumed beverages in the world. Drinking tea is not only has a very good effect on old age, but also has a significant effect on health. Nowadays Drinking tea for health is not only the way for the elderly, but now more and more young people are beginning to like to drink and taste tea.


Here is the introduction of the tea kiosk

Size: 5*3 meters

Other accessories: desk, chairs, acrylic logo

This outdoor tea cabinet is novel and creative. It looks like a teapot. There are few such tea kiosks in real life. Generally, what we see are traditional and ordinary shops on the street, and the outdoor juice kiosk is also a regular square shape. This design is special and makes people eye-catching.


The decoration of this tea kiosk is very classic. Tea was originally born and developed in China. People who like to drink tea will also love the profound Chinese ancient culture.Therefore, the decoration of this tea kiosk also echoes the traditional Chinese ancient culture.We chose yellow color to  decorate the tea kiosk. In ancient China, yellow was a distinguished color, and even regarded it as a symbol of monarchy.Using such colors to decorate fully reflects the principle that customers are all distinguished and customers are the first. On the other hand, the surrounding lights are also the ones with ancient Chinese characteristics,The surface of the tea cabinet is decorated with fonts of different styles with Chinese characteristics.Drinking tea in such a place full of ancient Chinese culture is a pleasure.



welcome to contact us to customize it, any more style for reference please visit our website. thank you for your reading.





More Information
Color yellow
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*12ft
Materials MDF with surface baking paint
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