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White color for company front desk | simple reception desk design

White Stone Solid Surface Reception Desk, LED Lighting Small White Cash Wrap Counter For Salon

White Stone Solid Surface Reception Desk, LED Lighting Small White Cash Wrap Counter For Salon

White Reception Desk & Attractive Front Desk with Pattern for Sale

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Hello everybody, I will introduce the white reception desk to you today. The reception desk will be important for one company. The design of the front desk of the office is one of the important links in the design of the entire office space. It is the first key to reflecting the company's image. An excellent office front desk design not only shows the company's comprehensive strength level but also plays a role in interpersonal communication, business meeting, image strategy, and many other issues. So the office front desk design is particularly important. Good design will have a good finished product. Different types of companies have different front desk styles, and the textures and effects presented by different materials are also different.

There are three styles:

  1. Simple and practical

As the name suggests, the practical front desk is mainly functional and practical, suitable for small and medium start-ups. This is also suitable for small companies that have certain budget constraints. Use simple design core concepts to create unique design schemes, showing different simple and personalized decoration effects.

  1. Creative appearance

Some companies care about the fashion and modernity of the front desk. This type of reception desk is suitable for companies such as business services, the Internet, technology, and media. Creative-looking front desks usually have a personalized and layered design with a strong contrast of brightness.

  1. High-end 

The calm and atmospheric type is generally the main choice for large companies or high-end hotels, such as hotels, real estate, large-scale international trade, or listed companies. These companies pay much attention to the selection of materials, emphasizing nobleness, and a calm atmosphere. Such front desks are generally angular, with a more refined design and a smaller color cast. The customer groups are generally middle-to-high-end service targets, so the front desk of the company must be designed with an atmosphere that conforms to the identity of the service target.

Reception Desk,

This one I will introduce to you today is a simple and practical reception desk. The main material of the reception desk is MDF, the surface we will use the baking paint. for the front of the reception desk, we will use the pattern to make the reception desk more attractive and add the led light strip on the front reception desk. For the back of the reception desk, there is have one cabinet for storage of the goods on the right side. For the left side, there are some shelves to put the document.

production photos

production details

details photo


  • Material, MDF
  • Size:1.2x0.8m
  • Surface: baking paint,  
  • Color, white
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe.

Production Process

We will make the wooden cabinet firstly. We do the cabinet according to the length, width, and some details. We also install the electric wire and reserve the place of the socket. After finish the wooden cabinet, we will polish the wooden cabinet and make the cabinet more smooth and easy to do the baking paint. Before we do the baking paint, we have done 6 primers. The primers will make the baking paint more easily. After baking paint, then we can start to install the electric wires, sockets, and light strip. We will install the socket and electric wires that meet the local standard.


Production time will take about 18-22working days. The shipping time based on which country you located in and which port is near to you. In general, we usually ship goods by sea. But if you are urgent, we can choose to ship it by air. For instance, if you located Seattle port, the shipping time will take about 28 days by sea. If you ship it by air, the shipping time will take about one week.

Package and Installation

The package includes the interior package ad outside the package. For the outside package, we will use the wooden box. Then interior package we will use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner, then use the film to fix it. Then we will put the interior package into the wooden box.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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