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You can see different styles and types of reception desks on our website. They all look very fashionable and high-end. The reception desk is a very important presence for our company and enterprise. It cannot be ignored at any time. Because it is about the image of our entire company. When we buy, we must choose some high-quality and attractive reception desks.

The one I want to introduce today is that the reception desk is very beautiful. We can look at the picture below.

reception desk

Imitation marble reception desk details

The dimensions of this reception desk are 240cm wide, 60cm deep, 100cm high, and 80cm high. Generally, the reception desk has a fixed width, depth, and height. It is designed in accordance with our ergonomics.

Its main material is plywood, and the surface treatment is a marble fireproof board. We all know that the patterns and colors of marble are very beautiful and textured. But the stone is relatively heavy, we generally don't make a stone reception desk. We can choose some marble pattern laminates to stick on the surface of the wooden cabinet of our reception desk. The use of this process is very extensive.

Many reception desks will put a logo on the front. We made a styling for the reception desk. This shape is protruding, and we installed light bars on the edges. In the middle is our glowing logo. It looks very advanced and attractive.

This is a single-seat, we can put our computer in the baffle. Inside are some cabinets and drawers, we can use to store our documents and some tools. Putting some small plants on the countertop can make our reception desk closer to life. Green plants also have certain benefits for our bodies.

The corners of this reception desk are curved, and it has high security.

reception desk


Overseas transportation is far away. Our goods are transported in the same container as other people's goods. So our packaging must be strong.

When we finish the production, we will test the circuit first and send you photos. After there is no problem, we will start packaging. The corners of the reception desk are covered with pearl cotton, and the stretched film is used to wrap the entire reception desk. Then put it in a wooden box with foam boards, and then seal the wooden box with nails. So our packaging is very safe.


We will start ordering ships when we are almost finished production. You need to tell us your port or the address you specify. We will transport you to the place you specify. The freight to the port and to the door is also different. The shipping cost depends on your country and the volume of the goods.

Our freight includes all document costs at our port and the cost of shipping to your port. It does not include expenses incurred in the port of destination. We will send you the documents needed for customs clearance and delivery. You can hire an agent to help you deal with port issues.

How to start production?

If the design and size meet your requirements, you can place an order directly. Then send us your logo PDF file, and we will deliver the detailed drawing of the reception desk to our factory and start production.

Can I create a new one according to my idea?

Yes. We are a custom company. If you have your ideas, you can tell us. We have our design team. They will help us to design the desk we want.

What is the production time?

About 15-02 working days.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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