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The modern, stylish reception desk is used in almost every commercial business environment. Whether you are decorating an attractive office reception area or building a charming hotel lobby, a modern look reception counter will significantly improve the visual effect. The contemporary design can not only offer eye-catching features to your reception counter, but it also gives the visitor a deep impression of comfortable and aesthetic memories. Therefore, if you want to choose a successful reception table for your business, the modern, sleek design will never let you down. Check our site and find your ideal front desk. 

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Pick the excellent white or black reception desk from our extensive modern desks gallery option for a genuinely contemporary, minimalist look. Our modernized reception counters are available in various styles: Rectangular-shape, curved-shaped, L-shaped, U-shaped are the most popular design; geometric design and parametric style are the most creative concepts. Aside from unique styles, our large-scale materials choice also offers a comprehensive option: From wood veneer and rustic metal to natural marble or artificial stone. You can find any unique design reception unit here. Many modern desks are also available with a contrasting glass top and front for an added functional appearance.

Various Using Space

Modern contemporary reception desks are always welcome in almost every business environment. Create a modern style desk that can largely enlace your reception room. 

  • Office: There's nothing more direct to deliver a welcoming company culture than A contemporary design front desk. Unique modern design reception furniture can significantly improve your visitor's feelings.
  • Hotel: Many Hotels will choose a Modern design not only because a large-sized front desk can offer a luxury image but also because the contemporary style adds a more pleasant sensation to the consuming value.
  • Salon: Whether you are entering a hair salon, nail salon, or spa, A modern design reception desk always gives a more enjoyable impression. Modern style salon front desk displays a more dazzling company vision. 
  • Retail Shops: Many retail shops will choose modern reception desks and cash wrap counters, such as jewelry stores, cosmetics stores, and pharmacies. 

Modern style is the primary popular pursuit for contemporary society, except for some special occasions; a modern look is an omnipotent desk that suits most commercial spaces.

A high-quality product must come from high-quality materials, and if you want to manufacture an outstanding modern desk, you must choose the top best materials.


Ant Display Contemporary Reception Desk For OfficeMFC board, 25mm thick, E1 base material, formaldehyde emission conforms to international standards, the surface is easy to clean, the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, and a variety of fabrics can be selected, including color matching or monochrome:

  • Base material: high-density particleboard and fiberboard of imported medium and office furniture shopping malls are chosen, which has strong bending resistance and is not easy to deform;
  • Edge banding: imported PVC straight edge banding with the same color (2mm thick) PVC edge banding color is available: reception desk price a. the same table color, B. black, C. gray, please confirm the edge banding color when ordering,
  • Tabletop: Modern and beautiful reception desk is usually selected. Marble, solid wood, and artificial stone tabletop, smooth touch, and beautiful texture can instantly improve the overall effect;
  • Metal Accessories: locks, guide rails, door hinges, handles, and casters are all imported metal accessories.

Most Popular Styles

The secret of modern design is hidden in the desk styles and combinations. To create an eye-catching front desk, you must open your mind and reach your profound ideas with unique imaginations. Straight-shaped desks are the most polar and easy-going, while curved and round give a more friendly experience. Geometric and organic shapes are also great ideas for creating a unique style. 

  • Curved-Shape: A unique curved shape is always hard to design and manufacture, and The cost is relatively higher than the regular style. But there are more and more people still fascinated by those types. You can create a wave-shape, round, half-circle, or arc-shape reception desk and place it in front of your office. Except for typical curves styles, we also construct J-shaped, U-shaped, and S-shaped reception desks.
  • Organic: Organic and parametric stripes are the most straightforward way to define a modern style. Designers always use organic types to create unbelievable shapes and open-minded furniture. An organic-style front desk is perfect for a large company's office, salons, and public reception area. 
  • Colors: Choosing the right color is also essential to creating a modern popular image for your reception area. White is the most prevalent color and can suit almost every business and commercial space, While black, grey, golden, and red are more fastidious. The light white reception desk is always popular in offices, spas, and retail shops, while dark colors( such as wood, grey and black )are more suitable for salons and hotels.

Besides the above typical fashions, Futuristic and industrial are also unique classes. In fact, The best idea to build a stylish reception desk is not always persuing the most unique or eye-catching design; instead, building a suitable front desk that accommodates color and style to comply with the exact circumstance is the best. 

Custom A Modern Front Desk

Buy the modern desks at Ant Display if you are looking for a curved reception counter, a creative design front desk, or any other stylish stations for your reception area. If you do not find any favorite model, contact our team for a customized one. We have an expert design team with over 15 years of reception furniture customization experience. As long as you send your ideas, we can build them out in your dreamed way. Get a reception desk for sale at an affordable price and Buy the modern furniture today!