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Modern reception counter design reception desk used in retail beauty salon shop

Saudi Arabia Reception Counter & Front Desk with Customized Design for Sale

Customized Reception Desk

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The front desk is a piece of commercial furniture we often see. The front desk is very important to a company, it is the face and image of a company. Because customers visit your company, the first thing they see is your front desk. So we need to have a good front desk, which will leave a good impression on customers. To a certain extent, it will give customers a good visual enjoyment.

Reception Desk Has Been Done According to Customer’s Needs

The main material of the reception desk, we use the MDF as a main material. You can see the craft, it need the material that easy to shape. The MDF is a good choice to make it.  The surface we use the baking paint as a surface treating. Because the baking paint is really beautiful. Its bright and smooth. The logo we use the acrylic luminous logo. We are many type logo offer you choose, you can choose one that you want. There are two place for the people and two place for the computer. The middle of the reception counter, we put the cabinet, it can help you storage the data and your personal goods.

The Specific Description
Size 2000x600x 1066mm Material MDF
Surface baking paint Color white and yellow
Logo Acrylic Style Modern
Hardware Hardware Others lock, baseboard, wire and socket

How to Customized the Reception Desk for You?

Firstly, you need to tell us what size of the reception desk do you want. And what kind of style do you want? If you can, you also can send me the location picture. We will design it according your needs and the layout. You have logo, you also can send me your logo. We can add your logo on the reception counter. You can see the whole effect it is whether you want. After you confirm the design, then we will produce it with no mistake.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials mdf
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