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Reception Desk with Modern Style in Retail Store for Sale

Modern Reception Desk

Modern Reception Desk For Sale New Design Custom Front Desk Reception Counter

New Custom Designed Reception Desk Modern Fashion Front Reception Counter

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When we go to a company, store, or salon center. The first thing seeing is often the front desk and reception staff. In addition to the receptionist who needs to be beautiful and generous, your reception desk also needs it. This can leave a deep and better impression on the customers who come.

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Product Details

When you first see this reception desk, you will be interested in it. With simple Nordic style and high-end luxury, you can't help but take a look. It looks a bit complicated in structure, but it's actually very simple. It is mainly composed of wood grain parts and marble grain parts.


We have specially designed the wooden legs on the right side of your reception desk. The feel of the L-shaped fence makes it look more high-end and has a retro style. Allows you to place some decorations. The white cabinet on the left is your main office area. We have designed drawers, lockers, etc. for you to make your office more convenient. The desktop baffle is also specially added for you to prevent some important company information from easily leaking.

Material Introduction

From the picture, we can know that this reception desk is mainly made of solid wood, MDF, and artificial stone. The wood grain part is made of solid wood, while the main body of the white cabinet is made of MDF, and the work surface is made of artificial stone. And the connection between the left and right parts is a decorative strip made of golden stainless steel. The overall look is very atmospheric, but the cost will be a little higher.

Customized Services

If you want to change something, that is easy. We can according to your needs to provide you with the materials. You just need to tell us about your requirements.


More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF
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