Modern company front desk design | fashionable reception table for sale

Modern company front desk design | fashionable reception table for sale

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The Reception Desk with Unique Style & Wooden Reception Desk for Sale

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The company’s reception desk is the first image of an enterprise. Many companies attach great importance to this category. So for designers, a good design is not only good-looking but more importantly, it is in line with the development of a company. The reality; the design of a reception desk needs to consider many things, the image of the company, the environment around the reception desk, the height and size of the reception desk, etc.

If the area of the company is not large, 3m in length and 1m in width will do. This length can serve 2 persons. If your company has a large area, you should decide the size of the front desk based on the overall space. Alternatively, rest and waiting area can be set up near the front desk, so that visitors from outside can take a break while consulting questions.

The company generally adopts a right-angled shape, the inner height is generally about 80 to 1 meter; the outer height is 1.3 to 1.5 meters, this height is the most suitable for communication, and the length is determined according to space, and the material can be plywood and stone. Match. The front can be made into a company LOGO. If possible, it is also a good choice to decorate with stainless steel strips.

Reception Desk

The main materials of this reception desk are fireproof board and artificial stone. The whole style is wooden style, and the stone is taller. The entire reception desk looks more stylish and textured. This kind of reception desk is very suitable for business use and is a good choice as a company reception desk.


  • Material, plywood, artificial stone
  • Size: 4000x1000x1100mm
  • Surface: laminate
  • Color, wood
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe

Production Process

Because the surface treatment of this front desk is plywood. Its production process is relatively simple.

We will cut out suitable wooden boards according to the shape and size of the reception desk. And fix them together to make a wooden cabinet for the reception desk. The wooden cabinet is now ready. We will choose the color of the fireproof board for customers, as well as the color of the stone. Finally, glue. After sticking the fireproof board, just follow it. Next, you only need to install the drawer. There is no logo on the front of the reception desk. So there is no need to install the logo. If you want to put your logo on the front desk, you can also tell us. We will install the logo for you.


Our packaging has two layers, one is the inner packaging of the reception desk, and the other is the outer packaging.

We will wrap the corners of the reception desk with pearl cotton. Finally fixed with a film, the whole. The outer packaging is a wooden box, and we will put some foam boards in the wooden box. Prevent being hit during transportation. This way our reception desk will be safer.


When the goods are produced and packed, we will arrange transportation. Generally speaking, our mode of transportation is by sea. Because shipping is more affordable. We can help you prepare all the customs declaration and commodity inspection information. During the transportation, we will send you the invoice and bill of lading for customs clearance. When the goods arrive at the port, the local shipping company will inform you in advance to pick up the goods. You can use the information we sent you to pick up the goods. If it is DDU, we will help you clear customs, but we do not provide unloading service and customs clearance. You still need to hire a forklift to help you unload the goods.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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