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The function of the reception desk must first fully meet the requirements of its setting, placement, and working use. The former includes equipment placement, power supply, signal transmission, etc. The latter includes craft tables and chairs, counters, lighting, storage and retrieval of materials, etc. In addition, the requirements of the people who go to the library for the use of the counter should be considered, such as the distribution and classification of books. Because of its importance and prominent position, its shape and materials are often very elegant.

However, due to the limitations of internal and external functions, the reception desk is generally difficult to have too many changes in its large shape, such as height and width are determined according to functional needs. Nevertheless, experienced designers can still make elaborate designs on the partial shape of the counter. We need to work hard on the cabinet body and countertop, through different undulating shapes and material combinations, to produce ever-changing shapes and create novel shapes.

The Custom Reception Desk

Reception desk we use plywood as the main material. On the surface, we will use laminate and solid wood. In the middle of the reception desk, we put our company logo. The around of the square we add the led strip to make the reception desk more attractive. The wooden color and the black will make the reception desk more elegant. The back of the reception desk installs the 3 drawers and the 3 cabinets. You can store more information and make the whole layout more clear.


  • Material, plywood
  • Size: 10x2feet
  • Surface: laminate and solid wood.
  • Color, black and wooden color
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe, acrylic logo

Ant display stand

We are a customized company, and we have completed many reception desks. These reception desks are made according to customers' favorite styles. On our website, you can see many reception desks. Each style is different. Have you found your favorite type? If you want to customize a unique reception desk, you can contact us. You can tell us what you think. We have professional designers who can help us design. After the design is completed, we will send you the design drawings for confirmation. If it is confirmed that there is no problem, we will carry out production according to the construction drawing. The price also depends on the size, shape, and material of the reception desk. We are an export company, and we have cooperative customers in many countries. We also look forward to working with you.

Production Process

Because the surface treatment of the reception desk is adopted. Its production process will be relatively simple. We will first cut out suitable wooden boards according to their shape and size and then fix them together to make wooden cabinets for reception desks. Then paste the fireproof board and solid wood selected by the customer. Our fireproof boards are available in many colors. There are also stripes of solid wood. These materials will be sent to you for selection before production. After pasting the laminated board, the reception desk is basically completed. Next, you only need to install drawers and sockets. Finally, install the corresponding logo. If you have other ideas, you can also tell us.


Our packing is divided into two layers, one is interior packing and the other is outside packing. We will wrap the edges and corners of the table with EPE foam, and then wrap the whole wooden cabinet with stretch film. The outside packing is a wooden case. We will put some foam boards inside the wooden case. This will make our cabinet safer and keep from damage.


The production time will take about 22-25working days.

The shipping time based on which port is near to you. Then we help you check the time. For instance, if you located in the Southampton Port, it will take about 30 days to the port.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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