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The front desk has always been the most important part of the company. Many of our daily appointments and customer phone transfers are done through the front desk. It represents the philosophy and style of our company. When our customers visit our company, the front desk is the first contact it touches. Therefore, we must be very careful when choosing the front desk, so that we can leave a good impression on our customers.

There are many good-looking front desk styles. We also have many choices when buying. You can see many different styles of front desks on our website. The front desk is different for different occasions. The front desk I want to introduce today is relatively small. It can be applied in the office, but not suitable for some large hotels or buildings.

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Front counter details

This front desk is single-person, it can be used by one person. So it is suitable for use in offices or small organizations. It is composed of solid wood and marble. Both materials are very advanced and beautiful. The front of the front desk is made of solid wood strips and marble. We all know that the texture of the marble is very good. So the overall effect of the front desk made with it is not bad.

Inside our front desk is a row of cabinets and drawers. The middle is empty, leaving a suitable space for our legs. The height from the ground to the countertop is 80cm, which is very suitable for people to use. We installed light strips on the edge of the marble, which is a very common decoration at the front desk. It can make our counter look more attractive.

Size: 200x60x100cm

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate, solid wood, marble

Others: LED light, hardware


After you place the order, we will submit the design to the factory. Our workers will strictly follow the standards on the construction drawings to produce and install all accessories. The size of the stone also needs to be customized according to the size of our front desk. We all know that the stones are very heavy. If you want the effect of stone but don't want to use stone, we can choose stone laminate. The pattern of this laminate is similar to stone. It can show the same effect, but the touch and texture are not as good as real stone. Of course, it depends on your choice. Laminates will be relatively cheaper.

Since our front desk is equipped with a light strip, it needs to be powered to emit light. We installed wires and transformers at the front desk. When you receive the goods, you need to connect the wire to your local power supply and it will work.

How can I get the goods?

But our production time is about 20 working days after you place the order. After the production is completed, we will arrange transportation to your port or the address you specify.

Is it free shipping?

The shipping fee is based on your country and the volume of the goods. It is about 600-900USD.

How do I customize the front desk?

If you want to create your own desk, you can tell me your requirements. Such as the desk size, style, color, etc. If you have a logo, we can put it on the desk.

How to pay?

We support TT wire transfer. Western union and Alibaba trade assurance.

What about transportation time?

We are in Shenzhen, China. Our goods are transported by sea. The transportation time is about 25-40 days. The air transport time is about 10-15 days. If you want to ship by air, we can check air freight. But the price of air freight is more expensive, we generally do not recommend air transport.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials pltywood, laminate, solid wood, stone
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