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Luxury Design Supermarket Wooden Retail Shelf

Luxury Design Supermarket Wooden Retail Shelf Custom Metal Display Case For Shopping

Latest Style Store Supermarket Wood Gondola Shelving Retail Shop Design Gondola Shelf Custom Gondola Rack

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There are often all kinds of goods that need to be placed in supermarkets. Different sizes and different products are suitable for different display stands. We not only need to find a suitable shelf to display, but also need to show products to attract customers.


Products Characteristic

  • Made of environmentally friendly steel and wood;
  • The surface of the display rack is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant;
  • It has a strong storage space;
  • It can be perfectly matched with your shop decoration.

Products Details

We all use thickened environmentally friendly plates, and the display rack has good load-bearing performance, so that your products will not shake when placed. And it is non-toxic, harmless, and has no peculiar smell. Will not have any negative impact on customers when choosing. Basic boards mainly include MDF, plywood, laminated, solid wood and so on. We will choose for you according to your requirements. The main frame is made of metal. We will galvanize it to prevent rust and let you use it longer.

A Variety Of Combination For You To Choose

Our display stand can be used alone to display your products. You can also combine multiple cabinets together for your use. You only need to choose arbitrarily according to your needs. We can all provide you with the service you want.

Customized Services

We provide you with a variety of display cabinets for you to choose from, if you don't like the above products or collocations. We can also redesign for you to customize production according to your requirements. You only need to communicate your details with us before starting your project. After paying the design fee, you can start your project.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF+Metal
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