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Gondola Shelving

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We often use this shelf in supermarkets, pharmacies, and cosmetics stores. Each display rack has its own unique advantages. This display rack can be displayed in multiple positions. Different models can be placed in different positions.

Gondola Display Shelving

The display rack is divided into a one-sided display rack, a two-sided display rack, and a four-sided display rack. Different types of display stands will have different types and effects. For each display shelving, they also have different sizes to choose from.

One-sided display rack:

There are two types of display racks on one side, one is without a side baffle, only one side to display the product. The other one has baffles on both sides, which can make the whole shelf look more delicate.

Double-sided display

A double-sided display is often seen in supermarkets, you can choose the appropriate size and color according to your needs.

Four sides display

A four-sided display is very suitable for the middle of the shop. In this way, customers can easily find the products they want.

The structure

The main structure of these display racks is wood, and the outside is a metal frame. This structure makes the whole display stand more design feeling.

For the color

We can do the color according to your requirements. You can tell us what kind of color do you prefer. We can customize the display rack for you.

Adjustable layer

It also has the advantage that it can automatically adjust the height of the laminate. This also facilitates the placement of items. There is also an acrylic bezel on the front of the bezel, which can be pasted with corresponding icons. Let customers know the price of each product more clearly.


The main material of the display stand is metal and the veneer. We also can provide other options for you if you want to customize the display racks with your idea.

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Materials Metal
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