bakery kiosk

Hot Selling Bakery Display Counter & Bakery Kiosk for Food Display Counter for Sale

bakery kiosk

Customized Bakery Kiosk for Bread Kiosk for Food Display Counter for Sale

Hot Selling Bakery Kiosk & Bakery Display Counter for the Food Kiosk for Sale

Support for Customized Kiosk

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Welcome to Ant Display, i will introduce the bread kiosk to you today. The bread is really popular in our daily life. With the social development and the advancement of technology, the 21st century has become a highly efficient and fast-paced era. So many people want to save time to do their work and study. Open the bread kiosk is really wise choice to start your business. Because the demands needs is really high, and the cost is not high. You can earn money from the business fast.

Bread Kiosk with Unique Design for Sale

The bread kiosk we customized for our customer. The kiosk add his logo. He want many display area to display his bread to the customer. So we set three display areas and convenient for many to choose. In order to convenient customer, we add the eating area, people can enjoy the bread in site. Its also good choice to attract people to buy your bread. The kiosk include one sink, its convenient to wash the hands or deal with some blot. For the countertop, we use the stone, it make the kiosk more durable and more beautiful.

What will you do if you decide to open the bread kiosk?

You need to find a good place in retail store. Good place we can increase the sales volume and increase the profit.

After you find the place in retail store, you can find the manufacture to help you build the kiosk. Ant Display can help you build the kiosk according your requirements and the size. And we assist you get the approval from the mall.

After you satisfy the design, and confirm the order. then we can start to produce the kiosk according the design. Before produce it, please arrange 50% deposit. After finish the kiosk, please arrange the rest payment.

For the transportation, we can ship it to your port, and you also can arrange ship by yourself.

More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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