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Donut Kiosk & Bread Display Counter for Food Display Counter in Retail Store for Sale

Hot sale wood bakery display kiosk cupcake display booth used in mall

functional bakery display kiosk share with you
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Now more and more bakery shop are opening.Many Office workers will choose buy bakery as their breakfast,because they have no enough time to sit have breakfast carefully.Recent years, instead of bakery shop,you will see more and more bakery display kiosk opened in shopping mall.A kiosk rent is much smaller than opening a retail bakery shop.


Here i want to share you a nice bakery display kiosk we just made:


You see this bakery display kiosk,it is 4m by 3m.It is dark brown matched nature wood color.whole kiosk looks very nature and suitable for bakery and cakes.all front and back are display showcases for displaying bakery.All products are there,so you can select any taste and bakery you want.


Some detailed info share you:

  • Size: 4m by 3m
  • Material:plywood with wood laminate finish,solid wood stripes,tempered glass
  • Surface: wood laminate finish
  • Color:dark brown and wood
  • Style:functional and nice
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle,locks
  • Others:led light box,logo
  • Production time:20-22 work days


You may have belowing questions:

1. do you accept customize?
A:yes, we accept. we have professional design team, can help design the kiosk as your needs. So we will need know your size, want what color,sell what food,we will follow your needs to design the kiosk for you see effect.

2. how to assemble the bakery kiosk?
A:assemble is very easy in fact. before loading we will finish all assemble, we will go wires, lights, electricity, logo, signs will all fixed. Just considering shipping, we couldn’t ship it just a whole piece, so will need devide it several sections, and number them. when you received just follow number put them in right position, and join wires. then can use.

If you want see more bakery kiosk, just feel free contact us.





More Information
Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 3*4m
Materials plywood with laminate
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