Glass Reception Desk

Would you choose a glass reception desk to decorate your office? A stylish, unique, and ultra-modern office desktops will attract the attention of your customers, customers, and colleagues. The Glass reception desk sublimates the office decoration and brings a high-end, sturdy look and feel. And it is easy to clean and looks new. Glass reception desk can be used in offices, tobacco and alcohol non-staple food stores, supermarkets, antique shops, etc. They are suitable for any decoration, whether it is a modern, transitional or traditional style, our glass desks have a variety of styles and layouts.

The glass reception desk produced by Ant display can decorate your facade. You can choose their style, shape, and size. Usually, the glass reception desk faces the entrance, creating a friendly and direct greeting atmosphere. Comfort, durability, and visual appeal are all important factors for reception furniture. Our company is determined to make progress and strict quality management. Our company’s glass reception desk is favored by customers with its advanced design, unique shape, and good quality. No matter when you need a reception glass counter, just choose one from our website.

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Glass is a commonly used material in daily life, and glass office furniture is also very common in the market. With the continuous development of the glass industry, glass has been updated very quickly. The glass reception desk made of toughened glass is not easily broken and non-reflective and is very durable.

glass reception desk

Glass reception desk material

Glass is a kind of physical or chemical strengthening of the compressive stress on the glass surface so that the glass can resist wind pressure, impact, and so on. There are two types of tempered glass, physical and chemical. Physical glass is heated to cause strong internal stress on the glass. Chemical glass improves the hardness of glass through chemical composition and ion exchange. The Glass reception desk can also be matched with different styles of activities such as wood, stone, stainless steel, and so on.

Advantages of glass office reception desk

1. Firm material

The glass office reception desk is not fragile, but it is also very strong. The current glass office reception desk is not only heat-resistant but also pressure-resistant. After several years of use, this is not a problem, and weather cracking is rare. The tempered glass desk is not affected by indoor temperature and humidity is not easy to deform, safer and more environmentally friendly, and is not affected by radiation.

2. Isolation

Another advantage of the glass office reception desk is insulation, which can reduce the risk of power transmission and electric shock in areas with dense wires.

3. Cleaning is more convenient

Compared with office reception desks made of other materials, glass desks are easier to clean. Generally, stains can be wiped off with a small amount of rag, which saves effort and time and prolongs the service life of the desk.

4. Beautiful appearance

The glass office reception desk has a beautiful appearance, with a variety of styles and patterns, which can meet the different needs of different customers. The transparency of the glass office reception desk can visually expand the space. The glass desk is also easier to match with other office decorations, making the office look more harmonious.

glass reception deskHow to choose a glass reception desk:

  • Workmanship

The glass reception desk has fine workmanship, and 8mm tempered glass is usually selected. It has strong high-temperature resistance and can withstand pressure.

  • Security

The surface of the Glass reception desk is smooth and flat, without prominent edges and corners. You can also choose a stainless steel frame protection, which is clean and not prone to rust.

  • Countertop

The Glass reception desk can be divided into upper and lower floors. In this way, the upper layer can be used for customers to consult and deliver documents, and the lower layer is mainly the work area, and can also store documents.