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First impressions are everything. Typically, You will long-lasting remember what you felt when that encounter, likewise, in a business relationship. When a potential customer or a guest enters your office, the front reception desk is undoubtedly the first significant fittings they will notice. Make a great first impression with customers, visitors or guests with a professional office reception desks from Ant Display. And decor your reception area in an incredibly charming way, Your receptionist will enjoy the modern design and functional workspace of a reception desk built for office. The well-designed office front desks provide both privacy and receptiveness with your particular demand for finish and styles. Brose our page and buy the most popular reception furniture for your office.

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Our extensive reception desks for office are available in various shapes and styles and contains the most popular features. From modern L shaped desks to wooden textures U-shaped counters, or fantastic curved and unique parametric pattern. The Grand Design offers you the most comprehensive selection to fit any business environment. Moreover, A full bundle of surface finish option allows you to find the most desirable pretence to match your interior space. Shop the most durable, professional office reception counters today!modern office front counters

Wide Design Options

Whether you are designing an office or decor a front reception area, the style always matters a lot. Choose the right shape of front desks can add more beauty to your office and influence the working efficiency and user-experience. Browse our most comprehensive category for the finest office reception furniture.

L shaped: The most popular style office front desk can apply with any decor themes and perform a comparative economic cost. 

U-shaped: when you have a large space and need more receptionists to work in one counter, U-shaped is a great choice, two side suffix counter allow you have more workspace and offer a more attractive design style.

J-shaped: A J-style desk is another popular category, Like an L shaped reception counters, the J shaped desk offers a curved corner that perfect suit for small office space and the soft, smooth corner also brings more comfortable and reliable reception ideas. 

Curved: When you are looking for unique design office reception tables, Curved style  is worth trying. With an irregular wave and arc shape style, you will add tendinous aesthetic beauty to the office reception area and give your visitors an enormous deep impression.

Round: If your company has a colossal guest room, then the round-shaped office counter will surely make the biggest impression out of any design. With a calming psychological effect, the round style reception counters are aesthetically pleasing to every visitors.

MultiChoice for surface finish

Aside from the modern, attractive design style, the surface finish is another crucial factor that people feel about your reception furniture. Our massive scale of material offers the most charming picture to dress up an excellent reception desk for your office,

  • Wood Veneer: Practically, everyone would enjoy the natural beauty of wooden texture furniture or real wood stands. A wood veneer reception counters a build with a think piece of natural wood sheet affixed to a plywood structure and finishes with clear varnish. On the one hand, it keeps the natural grain and offers an ultimate richness and status design. On the other hand, it reduces the cost to build with solid timber. Bear in mind that the veneer surface is delicate and should be handled with care.
  • Laminate: if you are looking for a solid body with wooden textures but free from Nicks and scratches, lamination will be a perfect idea, A laminated reception counter is built with a thin piece of men-made plastic resembles a real wood grain and affixed to plywood or MDF wooden structures. 
  • Stone: Natural stone and marble offer great natural stone textures and combined with a wood frame to create a unique luxury reception desk. Men-made stone and acrylic stone usually used to achieve a smooth or curved shape. Stone material used on the office front counter not only brings a stable surface but also gives a more variety of creative ideas and possibilities for designers. 
  • Other:  Lots of material can use to form a unique attritive office welcome desk. Rustic metal can create an industrial look while tempered glass can offer a glamour of clean and luxury. There's no best material and best style only the right one always the best. 

Features of office front counters

The reception desk in front of your office is not just furniture, but an essential component of the entire "customer service experience". Find out the best feature of our modern, stylish office receptionist desks.

Various size: Whether you need a large four seated long counter or tall standing front desk, we got all your needs covered, the different dimension is both compact and provide enough drawer space for office consumables.

Contemporary Design: The office reception's most outstanding feature is the creative design and stylish outlook. Modern design can offer you space the best charming and give your visitor an unforgettable impression. All of our desks come in various appearances and design to accommodate the room's physical ambience.

Functional: By equipping with storage cabinet and drawers, the art-modern style reception design performs a practical and useful user experience. From printing docs, filing papers or process visitor consulting. The functional desk offers a perfect platform for both receptionist and guests.

Custom Service 

We off a great range of front desks suitable for small and large business areas.Besides the well-designed reception desks and modern reception counters. We can also custom design and manufacture greeting desks based around a conventional group of components. Whether you need a parametric style reception desk or need geometric shape reception counter, you will get a perfect work as long as you send us your request.

In today's office reception area decoration, every welcome desk must be fashionable, functional, and useful to give visitors the best impression if you have finally decided to set out on a unique reception counter for your office, welcome to visit Ant Display.