Perfume Display Stands

If you are looking for a high-quality and reasonably priced perfume display stand-you will find the best perfume display stand at a discounted price on Ant Display. Perfume display racks are usually used to display, store and classify various perfumes. Perfume display stand materials usually include acrylic, synthetic materials, metal, wood, fabric, artificial leather, crystal, glass, resin, velveteen, etc. You can choose the right material to make your perfume display stand. You can find a perfume display stand, wall cabinet, perfume display counter, and storage stand from Ant Display.

Ant display has a perfume display stand and designers can customize almost all the display unit variables. Including style, size, color, brand, structure, and printing pattern. We will provide you with a unique display unit. Before production, you can tell us your store size, desired layout, and logo. Our designers will help you make the design of the entire store and show it to you through clear design drawings. If necessary, we can add LED lighting to the perfume display stand to provide space to make your shop bright and visually attractive. At the same time, they also make the product more prominent. Check below the perfume display stands design and chooses favorite styles for your perfume shop.

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Perfume display stands are usually used in perfume shops, shopping malls, cosmetics shops, and beauty shops. Perfume shop decoration usually includes perfume display cabinets, wall-mounted display systems, and perfume window displays. The perfume display rack is designed to help customers choose the right perfume and attract more people to buy it while complementing the overall beauty of the store. Custom perfume display stands are made according to unique ideas, are easy to use, beautiful and durable, and can make full use of storage space. In Ant display, you can choose an acrylic perfume display stand, glass perfume display stand with logo and countertop perfume display stand, and freestanding perfume display stand.

Perfume display rack classification:

perfume display standsAcrylic Perfume Display Stand

Ant display has a variety of customized acrylic perfume display stands, which can hold a single bottle or multiple bottles of perfumes of different shapes and sizes. We can divide the acrylic display stand into multiple layers, hollow, slotted, or made into compartments with shelves to ensure a perfect display effect. A perfume store usually needs a multifunctional acrylic perfume display stand, which can hold perfume bottles of different sizes and shapes. Perfume is a volatile product. Choose the appropriate acrylic display stand in Ant display to provide you with an ideal display and storage solution.

Glass perfume display stand

A glass perfume display stand is widely welcome in most perfume stores. Because it is stable to use, easy to clean, and makes the perfume shop looks better. In Ant Display, each shelf and cabinet of glass perfume display stand has a light lamp for brilliant. We also leave space at the top for brand logo and advertising, so that people can find suitable perfumes easily.

Countertop perfume display stand

The countertop perfume display stands are mainly used to show perfumes directly, It allows people to reach and smell. The countertop perfume display stands to highlight the characteristics of perfumes, making it easier for customers to purchase perfumes under the background. The countertop perfume display stand has a platform with a backrest, the standard square can be and each perfume has a separate display position. The stair-shaped stand is also a commonly used countertop perfume display stand, which can realize multi-layer perfume display, and here can display more perfumes at the same time.

Freestanding perfume display stand

Free-standing perfume display stands are usually used for key displays. Stores can place popular perfumes, high-value products, and newly launched perfumes here. We can display it as a window display, or place it at the entrance or beside the cash register. I believe that the free-standing perfume display stand can bring a unique display effect to your shop and help you get more potential customers. Whenever you have new ideas about free-standing perfume display stands, I am sure that you can get a perfume one from Ant Display

Our advantage

perfume display stands

  • Superb craftsmanship

The workers are skilled and well-trained. They have more than 20 years of experience in the production of perfume display stands. You can get a high-end and beautiful perfume display stand.

  • Quality Assurance

Ant Display provides a 3-year warranty, as long as it is not damaged by humans, we provide free repairs of accessories. Of course, we will pack the perfume display rack before shipment to avoid damage during transportation. Every batch of perfume display stands has commercial insurance. If you find the outer packaging is damaged, please take it out and take a photo when you pick up the goods.

  • Fast delivery service.

We have a modern manufacturing workshop. Usually, a single perfume display stand requires 12-15 working days to produce. All perfume display showcases included in 60 square meters require 25-28 working days. After the perfume display stand is finished, we will contact you for delivery as soon as possible. We also provide fast shipping service and door-to-door service.

About Ant Display

Ant display is committed to providing unique and high-quality perfume display stands. Everyone likes attractive perfume display stands, and hope that the perfume store is the top in the industry. Based on perfume display stands, our designers provide customers with new perfume store design solutions every day. Ant display looks forward to helping more merchants start a business in the future, and hope you are satisfied with our service and perfume display stands.