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Perfume Display Stand

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Perfume Display Stand for Cosmetic Display Counter Makeup Showcase in Retail Store

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Cosmetics and perfumes have always been very popular. The existence of cosmetics and perfumes fills our lives with beauty. We also know that there are many types of cosmetics, and different skin types also use different cosmetics. We also have different types of perfumes, and we have different designs for different perfumes. We all know that good cosmetics need a better display to highlight the advantages of cosmetics. A cosmetic cabinet is a good way to display cosmetics. If you decide to do cosmetics business, we suggest buying a good cosmetics displays. Because good things will attract more people's attention.

Perfume & Cosmetic Display Stand with Unique Design

The perfume kiosk we use the plywood as a basic material, the surface of the kiosk we use the black baking paint. The black make the whole cosmetic more elegant and luxury. The top of the cosmetic stand, we use the cube to display the cosmetic produce and the perfume. The bottom of the kiosk we will use the cabinet to storage the cosmetic product. It can save many space for customer.

Product Details

  • Size 1x1m
  • Material,MDF
  • Surface, baking paint
  • Color, black
  • Style , Modern design
  • Glass, 8mm clear tempered glass
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, Acrylic logo, lock

How to Order the Cosmetic Displays from Ant Display?

Firstly, if you want to sell the cosmetic. You need to tell us where do you want to put the cosmetic displays, in mall store or in the shop. If you want to get a new one on the mall store or in the shop, we suggest that we can do a design according your needs. You can tell us what style of the cosmetic display you want. We have professional design team, will display all of your requirements on the design. Then you can make sure it is whether you want.

After you confirm the design, then we will produce the cosmetic displays according the design with no mistake.

Before produce the cosmetic displays, please arrange the relevant payment.

During the production time, we will send you the production photos in time to you.

When will we receive the cosmetic displays?

The design time will take 2-5working days, the production time will take about 22-25 working days . The shipping time based on your country and which transportation mode you want.

More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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