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Practical Perfume Display Stands Modern Perfume Cosmetic Showcase For Shopping Mall

White and Black Color Perfume Display Stands | Adjustable Cosmetic Rack for Cosmetic Shop

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Perfume display stands are found in every perfume and cosmetic shop. It is good to display perfumes and cosmetics. There are many different kinds of perfume display stands. We can purchase a unique perfume display stand for business. Here is a nice adjustable perfume display stand sharing with you.

Introduction of perfume display stand

This perfume display rack has 5 layers, it is good to put in front of the sales window. So people can see directly from outside and enter the shop to buy perfumes. Another good position is closed to the wall along with wall cabinets. Which can make the shop decoration different and unique. We can also put it in the store center as a room divider. No matter where it is, the perfume display rack can makes the shop unique.

Color information

The main color is white and black color. White and black display stands are arranged alternately. This design makes this perfume display stand not monotonous. Color can be customized to match the perfume shop furniture.


As we can see in the picture, each perfume display shelf is individual and can be moved as required. Where they are connected is a seam design that completely fits the top and bottom, which allows them to be reassembled and transformed into a new type.

perfume display rack

Material details

The main material is MDF to build the perfume display rack body. And the surface material is a shiny baking pint. We paint it at least 5 times to get a perfect surface effect. We can also use other materials to get a different effect.

Produce process

produce steps

More information you want to know

1. Does this perfume display stand have a light?

This perfume display rack doesn’t have light, because of the adjustable shelf design. When the shelf is fixed, it can install a light on each layer.

2. How long to make the perfume display shelf?

Produce time takes 15-18 days

3. What size is available?

It is a customized perfume display rack, the size can be customized. Such as 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, etc.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking panint
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