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Metal Display Case

Are you looking for the display units for your retail store? Metal display cabinets are good products that can enhance the effect of your showroom and make it more compatible with our modern society. Our cases will ensure greater appeal to any retail store or customer. Our metal display cabinets will provide you with appropriate storage and security protection for retail space. We provide a variety of metal display cabinets with a variety of style options to suit the needs of any retail environment. Choose from a series of floor-standing, tower-type, countertop, and wall-mounted type, and then choose the one that best reflects your product line. It also has many other functions, such as LED track lighting, glass lock doors and bottom loading storage. These metal display cabinets are also ideal for galleries, schools and any other public places with high traffic. You will find that regardless of where these lamps are used or what they choose to display, the durable frame of these lamps can quickly turn them into a high-quality investment.


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The quality of these cases is very high and very attractive. Whether you need a large wall cabinet with multiple shelves or a smaller wall cabinet for a countertop, we have all you are looking for and we can meet your needs. We have excellent quality glass display cabinets, beautiful transparent coated steel case, and unique aluminum frame case. We have a wide range of products that allow you to display any product you need.metal display case

Custom Stainless Steel Showcase For Retail Business

These metal display cases are constructed of high-quality materials and can be used continuously in high-flow environments while maintaining their attractiveness. What makes these devices so durable is the frame made of steel or aluminum, which gives them durability and design. The metal display cases use shatter-resistant tempered glass panels, which will reduce the risk of injury if broken. You can use these showcases to decorate your store, collectibles, merchandise, and even your family heirloom!

What are the most common functions in these metal display cases? 

  • Display cabinets with built-in lighting are ideal for specialty stores and jewelry stores. LED track lighting provides sufficient lighting, making the entire product line the focus of attention. Glowing lamps can increase visibility and attract customers' attention, and provide side and top lighting. Use these units to display high-end products, such as jewelry, collectibles, and artwork.
  • Each display cabinet is equipped with a lockable door, which can increase the safety of retail locations by protecting products from damage or theft. Ensure that only store employees can use high-value items, which will provide more cross-selling opportunities when customers show interest. Your customers will be able to purchase a variety of goods through the tempered glass panel.

These display cabinets are Made in China. They are ideal for clothing stores, jewelry stores, pet stores, car dealers or sporting goods stores. These metal display cabinets are made of metal corners and edges and are equipped with glass windows. LED lights, locks, doors with mirrors, and storage can all be added to your design.

What types of retail display cases do we offer?

  • Wall-mounted cases are a good way to save space and highlight your products in underutilized areas. Create visually stunning and eye-catching exhibits for valuable products such as electronics, art, and collectibles.
  • Metal Display Cases are made of metal frames. In the case of full vision or supervision, having three full-view product levels can help effectively commercialize more products to attract customers' attention. The additional visual display cabinet almost allows you to place goods on top of the display cabinet. They are ideal for large collections that need to be protected and displayed.
  • Jewelry Display Cases adopts a mirror or hard sliding door. When choosing laminate finishes for display cabinets, you will work closely with sales representatives.

Our Display Cases are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials to accommodate your space. The display cases we offer are sturdy, quality products at low affordable prices. They are safe and secure so that your valuable possessions can be shared without the worry of them being stolen or damaged. We provide a variety of security features and color options that incorporate the needs of designers and retailers. Our security features include capture rails and custom made lock system, so you can sit back and relax. If you want color selection, please leave your email, we will send it to you by email.

Ant Display provides a variety of customizable metal display cases. The medal display cases are shipped via sea freight or air freight to your destination port or door to door address and our experts will work closely with you to ensure that we meet your needs. If you have any questions or feel more comfortable ordering by phone. Please call one of our sales managers at +86 19926591760 and we will be glad to assist you.