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Rotating Display Case

The boutique rotating display cases are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, famous cigarettes, famous wines, pharmacies, glasses, craft gifts, crystal products, hotel supplies, stationery, automotive supplies, 4S shop car models, plastic products, cosmetics specialty stores, factory product showrooms, Products such as the sample hall of foreign trade companies can also be used for business exhibitions, and multiple styles can be designed to make the product display more bright. The high-quality display racks have attracted the attention of the majority of customers and squinted. Ant Display stock a large amount a modern design rotating display showcase, glass rotating showcase, countertop acrylic rotating cases in wholesale price, check our page and find your ideal display cases.

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Rotating display cases are also known as product display racks, promotional racks, portable display racks, and information racks. According to the characteristics of your product, design a matching product promotion display rack, coupled with a creative LOGO sign, make your product eye-catching display in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of product advertising.rotating display case

Get A Beautiful Design Rotating Showcase

Beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. In addition, the exquisite display cases are elegant in style, noble and elegant, and have good decorative effects. The exquisite display cases make the products display extraordinary charm.

Our utility model rotating multifunctional display case has the following characteristics:

  1. The multi-layer display displays products, reducing floor space.
  2. Can move anytime and anywhere.
  3. The display cabinet can be rotated 360° to display products in all directions. 4. It has sound and lighting effects, highlighting the effect of displaying the product, and promoting the characteristics of the product.

Various High-Quality Materials

There are lots of transparent materials that can use to build a rotating showcase, with light and easy cut character, acrylic and plastic are widely use din most commercial display fixtures.  Glass is has a hard surface which is also a commonly used material on display cases. Plywood and solid usually used as a basement of display cases to hold the top rotating parts and hide the motor inside with it. 

Clear Acrylic 

There are a variety of rotating display cases in major specialty stores. Most of these display cases are fixed, but there are also some occasions where rotating display cabinets are used. Then this type of rotating display cabinets will where is it used? For example, in a mobile phone store, in order to display this mobile phone more comprehensively and intuitively in front of everyone, a plastic display cabinet is used. This display cabinet has a very ordinary appearance and a particularly small size. The next one or two mobile phones installed, of course, the price of this display cabinet is also very cheap.

Wooden Solid wood timber

Most of the general display cases are made of glass or metal. Few display cases are made of solid wood, but there are also some high-end occasions that use this solid wood display case. The solid wood display case is used on many occasions. Such as museums, most of the museums are some works of art worthy of collection. They are particularly valuable, so solid wood display cabinets are also used. This type of display cabinet is not only strong, but also rotates, function, and more importantly. The solid wood display cabinet has a more perfect effect on the displayed products.

Aluminium & Metal Showcase

Except for solid wood and plywood showcase basement. Metal and aluminum is another popular material used to fabricate a rotating display stands. Aluminum display cases are more strong and lighter than a wooden showcase, so it's usually used in the exhibition, trade fairs, or showcase presentations. The metal frame also popular in the museum display case manufacturing. 

Tempered Glass

Glass is a very beautiful raw material, so it is used in many places, including display cabinets. Most display cases are related to glass, because most of the glass is transparent, and glass gives a clean, bright, and clear feeling, so if you use it to display products, the effect will be better. In some large shopping malls, we often see rotating glass display cabinets, which are generally used to display cosmetics or jewelry.

Hot to Maintain The Rotating Case?

Avoid bumps.

This is the first thing to notice after purchasing the rotating display case. The display case should be handled with care during the handling. The place where the display case is placed should be a place where hard objects are not frequently encountered. Once the place is selected, it should not be changed frequently. The floor on which the display case is placed should also be kept flat so that the four legs of the display case are stable. If it shakes, it will slightly deform the display case over time and affect the service life of the display case.

Clean dust.

It is best to use pure cotton knitwear as a rag to wipe the surface of the display showcase. Pay attention to the dust in the depressions and embossments on the display cases.

Keep away from the sun.

The position of the display case is best to avoid direct sunlight outside the window. The iron display cabinet will be exposed to the sun for a long time, which will cause the paint color to change. The colored paint layer will dry and peel off, and the metal will undergo oxidation deterioration. If you can't move the frame under strong sunlight, it can be covered with curtains or blinds.

Custom Rotating Showcase to Boom Your Business Today!

We provide rotating display cabinets of various materials, which are very suitable for displaying watches, jewelry, souvenirs, and so on. Our rotating cases are manufactured to the highest standards and are equipped with an electric turntable in the cabinet to make the products have the greatest appeal.

Ant Display has a team of professional designers who can customize a unique rotating display cabinet design for you. Our company supports retail and wholesale, if you have a design you like, you can send it to us and tell us the quantity and material you want. This way we can provide you with an accurate quotation. Please be sure that our prices will satisfy you because we are a direct factory with an entire production line. Please call or email to get the catalog and price of our entire rotating display case.