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Trophy Case

Are you looking for a trophy display case to display your artwork, awards, and souvenirs? We provide various trophy boxes, including floors, towers, wall-mounted brackets, etc. They come in a variety of hardwood and metal finishes and ensure that they look great in any environment. The purpose of the trophy case is not only to store souvenirs and trophies but also to help you collect and display various items. Whether you open a souvenir retail store or use it at home to collect valuables, you can find the right trophy case in Ant Display. We specialize in trophy display boxes, display showcases, and souvenir storage cabinets. It also offers display counters of various sizes and styles to accommodate different categories of trophies and collections. We can provide you with a customized trophy case service to meet your needs. We have a large number of trophy display showcase, glass trophy case, acrylic trophy cabinet, and free-standing trophy display stands. Whether you are looking for one unit or a large bulk order, you will get your best displays cases here. Check our page and choose your ideal display fixtures.
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Ant display provides models for home, retail, commercial or commercial display, and storage. Our full-view glass case is designed to display, display and protect prizes, antiques, collectibles, medals, trophies, and high-value goods in residential, public, commercial, and retail environments. The style of display furniture ranges from traditional carved wooden antique cabinet to modern high-security wall mounted retail cabinet, to gallery style basic display cabinet and decorative open hanging box. Many of our trophy boxes, souvenir cabinets, and collection cabinets are made of toughened glass, which can provide perfect vision and excellent security. The modern appearance of the full field lamp provides a 360 ° view, while the goods or collections are firmly locked in the interior to provide protection. In addition, our high-quality trophy boxes (sometimes called collection cabinets) support customized decoration and can be matched with different colors and styles. You can tell us what you think and need. We have a professional design team to create a unique trophy case for you.trophy case

Custom Wooden Trophy Case For Sale

All our trophy boxes and collection cabinets are equipped with adjustable shelves and display racks for easy use. We usually use toughened glass to make trophy storage case. If the trophy display cabinet is accidentally damaged, it can also protect the staff, customers, or guests from injury. The installation of top lighting, side lighting, and spotlight lighting in the trophy cabinet can make the cup and collection have better visual effects, although some models do not include any lights. The halogen bulb installed at the top provides enough light to fully illuminate cultural relics, works of art, or commodities. The built-in lamp can be operated directly by button or scroll switch. Whenever you need trophy cases, please view more styles here and choose what you want. We can custom made trophy case to meet your demands.

Where is the trophy case mostly used?

  1. School offices and University corridors are great for showing off trophies, awards, and other student or alumni achievements. Emphasis on academic or sporting praise often promotes pride and school spirit. For the same reason, corporate offices often share plaques, prototypes, early models, and other success stories with employees, suppliers, and guests.
  2. Private collectors need to use trophy boxes to display and preserve their personal collections, souvenir displays, or other similar collections. A wide range of finishes and configurations provide shoppers with sophisticated and tasteful solutions. The elegant trophy box can pass down personal belongings and honors as family heirlooms.
  3. Retail and commercial companies are probably the most common sites for these displays. With a large number of shelves and lamps lock mold can easily provide customers with the best-selling and most expensive goods. Customers prefer a robust version with a good view.

There is a wide variety of display cabinets for awards, collections, and commodities, including a complete combination of sizes, functions, and options. We stock all styles, including short models in-home and retail layouts. These base style products cover a small area but provide enough storage space for the entire series. The traditional corner antique cabinet uses the wasted space by neatly installed in the 90° gap. The wall-mounted model does not occupy any floor space at all. The spacious antique cabinet provides enough space for users to display any goods or collections. From traditional wood to neutral black or white, most styles come in a variety of finishes to match any home or office decoration.

How to installation the trophy case?

When you order the trophy box from the Ant-Display, our designer can first draw a CAD design for your confirmation. Then production the trophy cabinet in the workshop. We will take photos of the production process for you. The trophy case will be installed in our factory and delivered to you as a whole, so you can use it directly when receiving the goods. We provide a one-stop service for our customers. If you have any questions, please email us or call us, we will try our best to help you. Wish you have a good shopping time