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Are you looking for commercial equipment for your bubble tea store or coffee shop? Well, Here you are in the right place. Ant Display supplies a full list of all necessary beverage equipment needed to make milk bubble teas and delicious juices. From simple sealer machines, shaker machines, fructose dispensers to tapioca pearl makers, or boba cookers, You can find every tool to equip your kitchen, Even if you need customized bubble tea counters or stainless steel salad bar, we have perfect options for you.

Our Bubble tea store equipment is dependable and durable and has various options to fit with different power supplies (110Volt-220Volt), With the functional features and customized settings, you can easy to use them to create fantastic drinks for your customers. Most of our bubble tea machines are very popular in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Europe, Check below and find more.

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Many investors want to get involved in the bubble tea drinking industry. Still, if you want to open a beverage store, you must first have a place to run your business; you also need working capital, milk tea equipment, and raw materials to make bubble tea. Here are the typical pieces of equipment you need to open a milk tea shop.

Bubble Tea Workstation

A bubble tea workstation is often called a " bar counter or working bench." It is the working area of the milk tea shop to provide drinks and other services to guests. Whether you are opening a bubble tea store or milk tea kiosk in the shopping mall, the workstation is always the core part of the milk tea shop. Normally, There are standard temperature and freezing types of workstations available depending on different scenarios and situations.

Generally speaking, the length of the milk tea workstation is 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2M, and 2.5m; some customized sizes can go even larger to 3.6 or more than 4M, the height is 0.8m, and the width is 0.7m. When choosing the bubble tea workstation, we need to design and build it according to the exact measurement of the store. 

stainless steel work station

Typically, The milk tea stainless steel workstation comprises #201 and #304 food-grade stainless steel. But Most stores will choose 304 stainless steel for a safer reason. The upper part of the juice bar workstation is used for daily tea making, and the lower part is for raw material storage. If you buy high-grade ones, it also has a refrigeration function, which can store raw materials for a longer time. The bubble tea counters can be customized in size or purchased directly. Usually, The ready counters are about 900USD/pc, while the customized ones are around 600USD/Meter.

How to Design Bubble Tea Counters For Small Bubble Tea Shop?

Water Purifier

As we all know, the essential raw material for making milk tea is water. Therefore, the water purifier is crucial for the milk tea business. Milk tea shops will use a lot of water. If the cost of using purified water is very high, the water purifier can make direct use of tap water possible and significantly reduce the cost of making milk tea.

The water purifier is generally installed under the milk tea workstation to save more space and improve the utilization rate. In addition, the water consumption of beverage stores is enormous. Whether warm water or boiled water, the water filtered by the water purifier can reach the standard of direct drinking, making consumers drink more at ease without worrying about health problems.

water purfier

Heat Insulation Bucket

An insulation bucket, commonly known as a wealth bucket, is a bucket with a cover, every store and kiosk will need it. It mainly comes in two categories: one is Resin type, and the other is stainless steel. Without a plug-in, the heat preservation time is about 6 hours, and the cold preservation time can reach more than 12 hours.

Typically, the Insulation Bucket barrel is sitting n the shelf of the beverage workstation, mainly used to store tea soup. For example, after making tea soup, the tea soup will be stored in an insulated bucket for easy access when making milk tea. Sometimes, The heat preservation barrel can also maintain milk tea, drinks, fruit juice, and milk and keep it fresh.

heat insulation bucket

 Characteristics of Resin Insulation Barrel

  • 1. Unique and bright appearance, gorgeous shape, multiple colors, bright color, not easy to fade, the shell is not easy to deform, not easy to break, and easy to clean the appearance.
  • Material description: it is made of PE resin, and the inner tank is made of a #304 stainless steel plate, which will not rust and is firm and durable. Heat resistant temperature: 80 ℃, cold-resistant temperature: - 20 ℃
  • The upper cover of the tea bucket is well-designed, and a handle is attached to the cover for extraction, installation, and removal, which is easy to use.
  • It is made of PU liquid foaming, with heat preservation of more than six hours and cold preservation time of more than 12 hours. Milk tea can preserve the original flavor better.
  • The faucet is made of nylon resin and can withstand a heat temperature of 200 degrees. When the faucet is pulled and used for a long time, it is not easy to break and will not cause operational difficulties.

Stainless Steel Barrel

The inner tank of the barrel is made of a 304# stainless steel plate, which will not rust and is firm and durable. And it's to hold milk tea and keep it fresh, and it is a necessary treasure in the milk tea shop.

What equipment is needed for a bubble tea shop?


One of the most important pieces of equipment needed to make cold drinks is the ice maker. There are many kinds of ice-making machines, and the shapes and sizes of ice makers are also various. As far as the use of ice-making machines is concerned, there are household ice-making machines, commercial ice-making machines, and large ice flakes used in industry and fishery. In terms of shape, there are bullet head ice-makers, square ice-maker, small circular ice-maker, large block ice-maker, crescent ice-maker, and so on, with different shapes and sizes.

The common domestic ice-making opportunities include small bullet ice-making machines and embedded block ice-making machines, while commercial ice-making machines will have more types and styles.

ice maker

Ice-making machines used in milk tea shops are specially used for cold drinks. For example, iced fruit juice, Iced Milk Tea, iced tea, milkshake, etc., none of them can do without ice. Ice machines are needed to get ice. Generally speaking, if the milk tea shop makes the ice drink tired of milkshake, it needs to make the ice into broken ice. The large ice will not be convenient, and only the small square ice is more suitable for the milk tea shop.

The scope of use of ice maker equipment is also very large. The equipment used in fishery, industry, household, and business is different. Small ice cube equipment is the most used in milk tea shops in the catering industry. Slightly large split ice-making equipment is usually used in coffee shops or Western restaurants, hotels, hotel back kitchens, bars, etc. Some of the ice-making equipment used in bars will use various ice-making machines. The ice used in milk tea shops (small square ice) is relatively single, and there is no need to choose a variety of investment equipment. A piece of single square ice can solve the use of milk tea shops.

Types of small square ice maker equipment 

Square ice is a common kind of ice. For household square ice, you can buy molds and make them with a refrigerator. Or buy a small bullet ice maker with high efficiency, fast ice production, and small volume. Besides, when it comes to milk tea shops, whether they are small beverage shops with an area of 8 square meters or milk tea shops with more than 8 square meters, there are many square ice-making equipments to choose from.

  • The first is the vertical small square ice equipment. The ice-making capacity reaches 25kg within one hour, and the cup output is about 100 per day.
  • Second, the work table ice maker can be used as a work table. It can also hide the ice maker in the decoration, which saves space and produces about 300 cups per day.
  • The third type is the split large-scale ice maker, which covers an area of 1 square meter, but the ice-making capacity within one day is 200kg, and the cup output per day is about 600.

Iced Blend Machine

The functions of the ice blender include making milk foam, extracting tea, making ice sand, etc. a sand ice machine can also be equipped with different tea barrels, such as tea barrels for extracting tea, tea barrels for making milk foam, etc. Generally, a beverage store is equipped with 2 to 3 sand ice machines.

The ice blender machine is used to make sand and ice, most used in summer. The sand ice made by sand ice machine is very delicate and tastes much better than shaved ice. It can integrate fruit and ice cream.

Ice drink is an essential drink in summer. As one of the ice drinks, Smoothie is not only a high-profit ice drink in the milk tea shop but also very easy to operate. So, for entrepreneurs who want to open milk tea shops, how to choose when purchasing milk tea equipment - sand ice machine? Today, tagging will share with you what you need to pay attention to when purchasing the sand ice machine to make the sand ice machine suitable for the needs of the store.

  • The texture of material: One of the most important requirements for the quality of ice-free sand mixing machines is the quality of sand mixing machines.
  • Blade: Except for the quality of the mixing cup, you need to pay attention to the quality of the blade. Most blades of domestic brands will use imported steel blades, which are firm and sharp. The quality of the blade affects the wall breaking rate and wall breaking effect.
  • Speed: The speed is the speed of the motor, and the faster the speed of the motor, the faster the wall-breaking speed. Tenggong's sand ice machine has a speed of 22000 rpm and 1000W horsepower, and the ice is fine.
  • Power: Power can be divided into heating power and emotional power. Generally speaking, more attention is paid to the mixing power. The higher the power, the better the wall breaking effect, the corresponding increase in noise, and the corresponding price increase.
  • Cleaning and mute function: The sand ice machine will add automatic cleaning, mute, and noise reduction. Particularly noteworthy here are the bass noise reduction and automatic cleaning functions.

Finally, when choosing the sand ice machine, we should consider the material, blade, speed, power, and brand and weigh our budget.

Fructose machine

Fructose machines are generally quantitative fructose machines. For example, we need to use accurate 40ml or 50ml fructose when making drinks, and we only need to set its capacity in advance, start it with one button, and press the corresponding button to get the sugar we want.

A fructose machine is a special equipment for the quantitative output of fructose. When making drinks in beverage stores or bubble tea stores, different drinks use different formulas and different amounts of fructose. Some syrup needs to be added to adjust the taste of the drink. The taste and formula of each drink are different, and the amount of syrup required is also different; In addition, there will be cases where individual customers ask for more sugar but less sugar.

Suppose you use an extrusion bottle or measuring cup to make syrup or a manual measuring cup or measuring cylinder to measure. In that case, it is not only laborious but also time-consuming and raw materials. When you are not careful, fructose will stick to one hand, and fructose will stick to the measuring cylinder. The fructose machine can solve these problems. At present, there are many styles of fructose machines on the market. What if we choose a suitable fructose machine?

  • 1. In terms of operation mode, there are two operation modes: key type and touch screen type. The key needs to be pressed to work, and the touch screen can work by clicking the screen. You can choose according to your preference.
  • 2. the fructose machine is divided into 16 keys and 24 keys; you can choose according to its situation.
  • 3. Choose from the capacity size, and choose the one that suits you from the capacity.
  • 4. From the display function, the function display can be divided into two types: electronic display and liquid crystal display. The electronic display displays numbers and letters, and the liquid crystal display can display the function keys, icons, and working process status for visual operation.
  • 5. Choose the color according to the decoration style of the store.
  • 6. Select the equipment from the quality assurance service. The quality assurance is in a hurry. Choose to know whether there is a national after-sales service and other problems.

The taste of drinks in milk tea shops can directly determine business quality, and the non-uniform taste brings a very poor customer experience and affects repeat customers. When choosing a fructose machine, you must understand it clearly. You'd better try it, have an in-depth understanding of the equipment, and have a standard in your heart when choosing.

Refrigerator & Freezer

General beverage stores will use refrigerators with two functions: refrigeration and freezing. Refrigeration is mainly used for fruits, milk tea, tea bottom, etc., to keep it fresh; Freezing is mainly used to store small taro balls, cold chain juice, ice cream balls, etc.

The fresh-keeping cabinet is mainly used to keep some perishable and unsealed materials and fresh fruits. The freezer is mainly used for the storage refrigeration of ice. 

There are many kinds of freezers. Generally, there are complete sets of freezer equipment; It can be equipped with a vertical or horizontal double temperature freezer and then equipped with a workbench and ice maker, which is more convenient.


Pearl pot

The Pearl pot is mainly used to boil pearls because pearl cooking is a very long process so we can use the fully automatic pearl pot. We only need to add water and pearls to cook, and there is no need for someone to watch, which saves the labor cost.

The Pearl pot can also cook tea, pearls, jelly, red beans, black sugar, sago, taro balls, pudding, etc. Bear in mind that the power of the commercial Pearl pot must be greater than that of a household induction cooker on the market. It is required to be at least 900W to maintain the normal operation.

The function of the Pearl pot is more powerful than that of the induction cooker. The pearls produced in the pot are light and transparent, with a soft waxy q-bomb taste and large capacity without pasting the bottom. It is easy to cook a pot of good pearls.

  • 1. Fully automatic cooking. One-click start, intelligent control panel, no need to watch, standardized taste, accurate control of temperature and time, easy to deal with the characteristics of various ingredients.
  • 2. Anti sticking pot liner. 950W high-power combined with 4-layer composite pot liner, using a round non-stick pot with good anti-stick performance, high-power heating, and tumbling to prevent caking.
  • 3. Three-dimensional circulating heating. Solve the uneven heating of traditional induction cookers, transfer heat to every place, and ensure uniform heating and consistent quality.
  • 4. Long-term heat preservation to maintain the taste. The 9-hour heat preservation function can keep the q-bomb of the ingredients in the pot for a long time, slow down the hardening of pearls, maintain the same quality and reduce waste.
  • 5. The intelligent probe does not overflow the pot. To solve the problem of overflow, a program that is not suitable for cooking powdered rice balls has been developed after many cooking tests. The detachable exhaust hole is equipped with a temperature-sensing probe for real-time monitoring to reduce the possibility of overflow and frying.

How to cook pearls in a pearl pot?

  • 1. Pour 3000ml of boiled water into the pot. After the program starts, the "boiling water" step will light red; the time display screen will not display the time and scroll to the outer ring.
  • 2. When the water boils, it will automatically give an alarm. After hearing the alarm, the pot's lid will be opened, and the "add a pearl" step will light red. Pour 1kg of prepared gold pearl into the pot and stir it with wood for about 20 seconds. Cover the mixing pot.
  • 3. Start boiling pearls. When the temperature in the pot is detected to boil again, it will automatically jump to the "boiling pearls" step, and the red light will be on. The time display will automatically jump to the set time and count down automatically.
  • 4. After boiling, put in purified water. After the countdown, the alarm will be given automatically and will not end until the end of the inner pot leaves.
  • 5. Pour the boiled Pearl into the filter screen and rinse it with purified water for refrigeration.
  • 6. Pour the washed Pearl into the container, mix 300g black coke syrup and 200ml boiling water, and then pour it into the Pearl and stir it evenly.

Water heater

When we make tea in the beverage store, we need to use a large amount of boiled water. The step-by-step boiling water device can continuously supply boiled water to prevent delays in making drinks due to lack of boiled water. Because different tea water needs different temperatures, we try to choose the water heater with a temperature regulation function when purchasing the water heater. Generally, 60 liters is almost enough for stores.

When considering the cost, energy-saving products are more practical. While saving energy, it can not affect business. Guests may buy drinks at any time, which requires that the water boiler be able to discharge water continuously.

In terms of space and appearance, the operation room of the milk tea shop is relatively compact. The operation table is fully open, directly facing the guests so that the guests can see the items on the operation table. And this requires that the water heater covers a relatively small area, has a beautiful and generous appearance, can prevent pollution, scratch, and rust, and keeps the appearance clean and tidy.

In addition to prolonging the machine's service life, we should also consider the safety of employees who often contact the water heater, so the water heater must have corresponding protection functions.

Precautions for purchasing a boiling water machine in the milk tea shop or mall food kiosks:

  • Convenient and fast: First of all, we should ensure that we can provide boiled water continuously. Otherwise, no matter how urgent it is, it will only lead to long queues of guests. At present, few guests are willing to wait. Unless the product provided is unique, the guests will be lost over time. Of course, there will not be such an embarrassing situation now with the instant boiled water device. The novel instant boiled water device breaks through the disadvantages of the original boiled water device. Through innovation, you can enjoy a continuous stream of boiled water in just a few seconds and take it with you in 24 hours.
  • Healthy and fresh: Many water heaters adopt the water tank structure, so it is impossible to eliminate yin-yang water and thousand boiling water. The tea brewed in this way tastes bad and does great harm to the human body. The method to prevent this kind of water is also very simple. It is OK to use a water heater without a water tank structure. 
  • Energy-saving economy: Any operator wants to control their cost to the minimum. The milk tea shop itself is a small business. When choosing the water heater requires energy conservation and economy. Due to its unique design, through the recycling of attached heat resources, the novel water heater has no thermal insulation energy consumption, small heating cavity design, fast thermal efficiency conversion, and energy saving of about 40% - 80% compared with other water heaters.
  • Floor area: The small business area of the milk tea shop requires a small water heater. And the open water heater has a beautiful appearance, compact structure, wall-mounted type, space-saving, and simple installation. It not only does not occupy an area but can also increase the store's beauty.

Steam Machine

A steam machine is mainly used to heat drinks in winter, and the principle is to use steam to heat drinks. Bear in mind that when we choose the steam engine, we should try to choose the machine with a temperature control function to be more convenient and fast when heating drinks.

Sealing Machine

The drinks in milk tea shops generally need to be sealed with a sealing machine to make them convenient for people to carry, so the sealing machine in milk tea shops is necessary for opening milk tea shops. Of course, some milk tea shops use a cup sealing machine with a lid, so there is no need to use a sealing machine. However, this kind is more suitable for sitting down and drinking in the store, not suitable for carrying and delivering takeout. It will be easier to spill out and affect the customer's consumption experience.

sealing machine for bubble tea store

Types of milk tea sealing machines:

  • According to the operation method, the special sealing machine for milk tea is manual and automatic: the manual sealing machine requires people to manually print the sealing film on the cup mouth, which requires a certain amount of physical strength. At the same time, it will reduce our work efficiency and waste our production time. The automatic sealing machine only needs you to put the cup on it, and it will automatically seal the cup and pop it up. Just reach out, take out the cup, and hand it to the customer. Automatic sealing machines can greatly reduce labor costs, improve our work efficiency and improve our cuprate.
  • The special sealing machine for milk tea is divided into 90 calibers and 95 calibers according to the different specifications of cups. Due to the different specifications of cups used in different beverage stores, the sealing machine is also divided into 90 and 95 caliber. When milk tea drinks were popular, 95 caliber cups were generally used, which were a little larger, so there was a corresponding 95 caliber sealing machine. Later, we all used 90 caliber cups, so there are relatively more 90 caliber sealing machines on the market. 

Price of milk tea sealing machine:

Manual sealing machine: from $200 to $800 ; Automatic sealing machine: there are milk tea sealing machines from $1000 to 4000$.  Because of the machine's different functions and internal configuration, the price and cost are also different. Moreover, there are many different milk tea sealing machine brands, just like many brands of mobile phones. Although there seems to be no great difference, they all have the same function. However, the mouth seal of the cup will be lax when the sealing machine is of poor quality, and the drinks in the cup will easily leak out and spill onto the customers, which is also the last thing we want to see. Moreover, This will greatly affect the mood of customers and our brand image. Therefore, we can't just go cheap when purchasing a sealing machine.

Suggestions on the purchase  

to improve the efficiency of the whole milk tea shop, try to use a fully automatic sealing machine. Although the semi-automatic sealing machine is cheaper, customers may need to wait for meals in case of a store peak. If the efficiency is not high and customers wait too long, it will more or less affect their business. Therefore, it is suggested to make the equipment intelligent and advanced initially. If the customer flow of milk tea shop is small and the daily sales volume is not very large, we can also save costs and use the manual sealing machine, but we try to choose the one with better quality. Otherwise, it will greatly affect the business.

Cash register

The cash register is used for the land of the cash register, which can view the actual income of the store in real-time and facilitate the query of the business situation of the milk tea store on that day.

  1. Commodity classification: select the number of electronic cash registers of corresponding departments according to the classification number of sold commodities.、
  2. Single item quantity: select the electronic cash register with the corresponding item quantity according to the single item quantity to be managed.
  3. Print characters: choose whether to print in Chinese according to your needs. Generally, Chinese electronic cash register printing is much more expensive than English printing.
  4. Whether it is networked: whether it needs networked management is determined according to the business scale and development trend. In addition to being much more expensive than ordinary electronic cash registers, networked cash registers also need additional software fees.
  5. Single and double printing: the double printing electronic cash register has customer coupons and stub coupons, and the management is relatively standardized. Still, the price is much higher than the single printing electronic cash register. In addition, single printing can achieve the purpose of retaining stubs by printing double layers of carbon-free pressure-sensitive paper. Still, the price of carbon-free pressure-sensitive paper is more than twice that of single-layer paper. For long-term use, the opening cost of a milk tea shop is high.

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Milk tea shaker

The shaker is mainly used to prepare drinks with milkshake powder or chocolate and fruit juice ice drinks. Such things are difficult to shake evenly, so this milk tea equipment is needed to shake them out. It is difficult to achieve the effect of freezing when drinking with ice by hand, but it can be easily achieved with this machine. The ice will dissolve rapidly due to shaking, which is not the taste that can be shaken by hand.

Small Size Equipment

In addition to the above large equipment, there are also some small appliances needed in a bubble tea shop:

Such as The fruit slicer, egg beater, measuring cup, ice shovel, Jam spoon, cheese basin, pearl leakage net, electronic scale, timer, lemon hammer, mixing rod, pearl spoon, bar spoon, fruit clip, manual juicer, duster, snow cup, a measuring cup, bar soup, tea filter bag, medium egg beater, jam squeeze bottle, squeeze mouth, jam spoon, pearl leak spoon, fruit powder spoon, ice shovel, tweezers, etc.

I believe that after the above introduction, everyone has a new understanding of the equipment needed to open a bubble tea shop. Opening a beverage store is easy to say. However, we still need to pay attention to many details in actual operation and prepare a detailed list of equipment when purchasing bubble tea store equipment.