Salon Stool

Salon stools play an very important role in retail salon shops. If your salon shop very narrow, and the barbers need to sit, then you need some salon stools. Why you can choose salon stools? Fristly they are small in size, they don’t take space. Second, they can adjust height freely, Its design is ergonomic. Third, they have flexiable wheels, you can move them freely. They will comes with soft leather seat and durable mental legs. Most important, their prices are cheaper, so salon stool is an economic choice.


Ant display limited is a leading company specialize in making customized mall kiosks and shop furniture. We are a direct factory, can supply different kinds of salon furniture, include hair styling stations, barber chairs, shampoo chairs, salon stools etc. We have our own design team, we design and customize our own brand high-end salon furniture and equipments. We can supply high quality salon stools, can supply you modern styles and comfortable experience. We can supply salon stools in different styles, colors,size. Their heights can adjust freely, comes with easy-rotated wheels. They are not big, very flexiable, you can move the stool to different places freely, it is very conveninet to use. If you want to open a hair salon shop, beauty shop or spa shop, you all need salon stools. They are very convenient to use, use this kind stool can help you make full use of your shop space. If you are looking for salon stools for your salon shop, you can just check our web, then will find many styles.

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8 factors to consider when choosing a salon stool

Well, there are so many different kinds of salon stools, so many suppliers? How to choose the suitable and most cost-effective salon stool? When you browse the website, you will see a lot of options. This may be make you feel confused about how to choose.

Well, share 8 factors you need to take into consideration when you choose the salon stool:

salon stool

  1. Client Comfort

How to supply your customers comfortable experience is the first thing you need to take into consideration when you choose salon stool. According to the different service, customers may be need sit there do their hair several hours, so comfortable salon chair is necessary. A comfortable chair need have enough support for back, soft leather seat and different widths suit for different customers. The shape and structure also very important. If it has food rest, if it is easy sit? We can supply salon stools in different widths, shape for your choice.

  1. Stylist Comfort

Same as customers, stylists also need very comfortable salon stools. The stylist need work long time. When you choose salon stool, you need choose stool which has hydraulic base, it can adjust height freely according to different people’s height.

  1. Quality

 When you choose a salon stool, you need take care of the quality. High quality salon stool price may be higher, but it can use long time. So from long term use, choose high quality salon stool is a good choice.

  1. Your budget

You need choose the suitable salon stool as your budget. We can supply diifferent grade salon chairs, we have high price, mid-priced and cheap salon stools for your choice. If you are new started you can choose some cost-effective salon chairs. If you want your shop looks high-end, you can choose some high-end chairs.

  1. Materials for the salon stool

Before you buy a salon stool, know its materials clearly is very important. For the seat, you’d better choose leather surface or high quality plastic, this way they can use longer than fabric surface. For legs can choose stainless steel, aluminum, the surface do powder coat finish can help rotect the legs.

  1. Easy to clean

When you choose salon stool, you need choose easy-clearned salon stool. Fabric is not easy clean, so can choose durable leather or plastic.

  1. Your shop style and color theme

When you choose salon stool, you also need consider your shop style. If your shop is luxury style, you also need select luxury chair to match. The colors also need match your shop color theme.


Why you can choose our bar stool?

  1. Select high-quality leather, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, soft and comfortable
  2. It is filled with high-quality styling cotton, which is not easy to be deformed, and is highly elastic and soft
  3. The use of industrial-grade high-quality steel, anti-rust spray paint, sturdy and durable, strong load-bearing
  4. SGS certified safety air pressure rod