Custom mall used wood indoor popcorn kiosk & cup corn shop stands for sale

Custom mall used wood indoor popcorn kiosk & cup corn shop stands for sale

Popcorn display kiosk | hot sale mall popcorn booth

Popcorn display kiosk | hot sale mall popcorn booth

Canada 10x10ft corn display kiosk | popular sweet corn cabinet for sale

Most popular mall corn kiosk

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Do you want to make a corn kiosk? As we all know, corn is one of the most popular street snacks nowadays, and it is being cooked more and more. It can be steamed or fried. And it can have a lot of sauce. So the corn business is very hot. This corn kiosk is customized according to the requirements of customers from Canada. Its special shape attracts the attention of many people, and it also deeply reflects the business it does. This is a corn shape corn kiosk. Because the location that the customer obtained from the mall is 10x10ft, the size of the kiosk is also 10x10ft. The adhesive painting on the design drawing is sent to us by the customer, and the color is also made by the customer's request. We are a professional kiosk custom company, we can design and produce kiosk according to your idea.

Shopping mall corn display kiosk

This corn kiosk is 10x10ft, price is 8000USD. It includes the sink, light logo, lightbox poster, Light strip, two steamers, and 4 chairs. The kiosk body is made of MDF, plywood, laminate, and baking paint, countertop we use man-made stone. The logo is an acrylic plus lamp belt. The baffles are tempered glass, and the sink is stainless steel. We can also install the water pump. The picture in the lightbox needs to be provided by the customer. Source files are required for pictures and logos.

When you get the space in the mall, you can tell me the size. We will according to your size and your business or your requirements to design the kiosk. You can submit it to the mall for review. We will provide the kiosk 3D design and architectural drawings. You can tell us any comments on the mall, we will modify it until it passes the review. The design fee is 300USD when we place an order, it will be returned to you. So the design is free.

When the design passes the review, we will start production. We will send you the color of the paint to choose from, and we will also confirm the color with you when we start painting. We have our own factory, our production is very transparent, you can track the progress of the goods at any time. When all goods are completed, we will arrange transportation. You can tell me your port or address, we will check the freight and give you the price. If the customer has no special requirements, we will choose to ship by sea. If you need air transportation, please tell us.

When you receive the goods, its installation is very simple. You need to put the separate cabinets together, and then connect the power supply between them and the power supply of the mall, it can work. We can install sockets according to your country's circuit standards, they can be used for your machine. The following is our customer's evaluation of this kiosk after receiving the goods, he is very satisfied. Your satisfaction is our greatest motivation, we will provide you with high-quality products services, if you have any questions, please contact us.


Payment item: 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment. ( T/T, Western Union)

Design time: 2-4 working days.

Production time: About 22-28 working days.

Delivery time: It depends on your nearest port or your address.

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Color green
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Plywood, Laminate, Baking paint, Tempered glass
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