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Thinking of the cinema, we might associate it with popcorn. Popcorn is a popular snack, we can often see it on the street stalls. When we go shopping, we can often see popcorn on the candy kiosk. The popcorn we usually see is sold together with other small snacks. It is often used as a "supporting role", but today, I want to show you a kiosk that uses popcorn as its main product.

Hot sale popcorn kiosk

You can see the above design pictures I sent. The size of this popcorn kiosk is 4x2m. It made of plywood, wood grain, and pure color laminate. The countertop we use is artificial stone. We can see from the design picture is the kiosk front is the cash register area and the display area, you can put your company here. When you have finished packing the food, you can put it here so that customers can take their food. We all know that eating popcorn can make you thirsty easily, and we can also sell some drinks such as cola. The refrigerator can be placed under the counter. A popcorn machine can be placed on both sides of the counter behind the kiosk, and a sink can be installed in the middle. Here you can place other machines and sell other by-products. If you want to make a kiosk look more design, you can also add a top similar to the color of the popcorn machine.

Do you like this popcorn kiosk's design? We are a custom company, if you want to design a mall kiosk, you can contact me. We can according to your idea to design the kiosk. If you have some machines, you can tell me their size, so we can leave some space for them. We also will install the socket for your machines to run. Our kiosk install is very easy. Because the logo, lightbox, and sink are all installed for you. All you need to do is to put separate cabinets together after you receive the goods. Then connect the mall power supply, it can work.

How to get a complete mall kiosk?

  1. Contact me and tell me about your mall size and your business or your requirements. We can make a kiosk design first. It can help us confirm more details. We also can modify the kiosk until you are satisfied. When finishing the design, you can submit them to your mall for approval. The design fee for the kiosk is 300USD when we place an order, it will be returned to you. The design time is 2-4 working days.
  2. After passed the design, we can start production. You need to pay a 50% order deposit. When receiving the payment, we will start it. Production time is 22-28 working days.
  3. When finishing production, I will take your kiosk's video and pictures to you confirmed, if no problem, you need to pay a 50% balance payment, then we will arrange the shipment.

If you want to know the shipping fee, you can send me your nearest port or your address. We usually ship by sea. If you want to ship by air, you need to tell me. The transportation time depends on your country. If you still have any questions, you can contact me for more details.

Contact person: Cathy sales04@myidea-kiosks.com


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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, Laminate, Solid wood
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