High quality popcorn display kiosk | custom shopping mall snack booth

High quality popcorn display kiosk | custom shopping mall snack booth

snack food booth

4m by 2.5m wooden popcorn display kiosk snack food booth design used in mall

fantastic sweet corn kiosk used in mall popcorn display booth for sale

1.this corn kiosk is very nice and fantastic design idea

2.we can customize it as your needs 

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We all know that corn is a very healthy whole grain, rich in dietary fiber, has a good effect of promoting intestinal peristalsis, can help digestion, and it is rich in vitamins, which is beneficial to health. Because corn is very popular with people, many food places sell fresh boiled corn and corn products.Many customers will choose to open a small corn kiosk to do corn business.


Today i want to share you a fantastic sweet corn kiosk we just did for a Germany customer.

Let’s see it together:

This kiosk is 2.5m by 2.5m, every one who saw this kiosk in our workshop all say it is really so nice and attractive.it is so fantastic mainly because the surface look. You can see it used green matched corn yellow color,four corner comes with 4 corn modelings, the surface added many curved panels, on top of these panels have nice led lights,looks very fancy.This kiosk basic material used is MDF, surface finished by green and yellow paint finish,countertop used is white stone, around the countertop have tempered glasses around it, it used to prevent customers from hurting customers when they touch the countertop and make corn.The front is main sale area with corn pot, cups, cash area, the left side is used to put machines and sink.On the back of this kiosk you will find a bar counter with chairs, customers can sit there to have food if they don’t want to take away.


At beginning this customer didn’t trust us, and this is his first time do this kind business and import. So he has many worries.he afraid we are not real factory, after he paid he couldn’t received cargo,he afraid no any guarantee.He also worry about if our design can meet his mall needs, can get approval.So before he paid design, he was hesitate.about his worries, I told a lot to him.Firstly about the design and approval. We will design as your mall requirements and your needs, you can show us your mall guideline, then we can follow your mall standard to do design and drawing ,this way the design will meet your mall needs. And we supply modification, if you feel any places not good, we can modify for you.about the guarantee, we are a direct factory,we already designed and did many kiosks shipped to Europe malls.i showed him many projects we did before and our company video,finally he trust us and choose us did design and kiosk.

More detailed info for this sweet corn kiosk share with you:

  1. size:2.5m by 2.5m
  2. Materials:MDF with green and yellow paint finish, man made stone,tempered glass
  3. Color:yellow and green
  4. Accessories included:illuminated logos, led menu, led light,corn pot,stainless steel sink


What questions may be you will have about the sweet corn kiosk?

  1. How much time you need for preparation?

A:we will need 22 work days for production after order and drawing confirmed.so if you also want to do a corn kiosk, you need check when do you ready to open.Before production we still need do design and submit mall for approval, this progress also need some time. And after production finished, shipping also need long time.

  1. How do you handle installation – do we need to hire a local contractor?

A:you no need hair a local contractor. The assemble is very easy, can finish yourself.Before load the corn kiosk we will finish all assemble, we will install lights, glasses, logos, signs,sinks,electricity, just considering shipping we couldn't do it just one whole piece, we will divide it into several sections, we will number them, when you received, just follow the number put these sections in right position, then join wires between them, and connect your mall electricity, then can use.

  1. How do you handle permitting – do we need to submit your drawings along with other document for local permitting?

A:yeah you need submit the design plan with professional drawing for mall and local permitting. we have professional design team, we can help you do design plan and drawing as you and your mall requirements.So the kiosk design is follow your mall guideline made, it will meet your mall standard.

  1. Can we change the design after you make it right ? If we have some changes ?

A:yeah sure my friend, after see design if you feel any places not good we can modify for you.



















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Color green
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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