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There are many different kinds of institutions. Some are for training the talents and skills, and some are for training the knowledge to the children or adults who needs. Here is one reception desk for the kindergarten, but it is suitable for all occasions. Let’s learn about the desk design.

Description of the reception desk

This one reception desk is very cute, modern and romantic. It matches the kindergarten style very well. Its countertop and a little part is white, the rest part is blue. The waved shapes is like the white cloud. The blue part is like the blue style to set the white cloud off. Here is one concept. The LED atmosphere lights is at the counter bottom. We will install it for on the desk before shipping. The good point of the desk is that its corner is round curved, which can avoid the collision.

ant reception desk

Here is the back part of the cute desk. The layout of the drawers and cabinets can be customized. The drawers and some cabinets are with antique handle, which is beautiful. Other cabinets is without the doors and locks, it is for putting something big and common. It is for some relevant things you will use.

ant front counter

Color option

Here are different colors of the reception desk. The effects on the design is very fashion and delicate. If you want other colors, it is feasible. All colors can be for the desk.

ant reception counter


This one front desk size is 180*60*100cm. More bigger or smaller size is okay. The size is the basic and important item for you to confirm at the first time. Then we can make a good layout with some design points.

ant reception counter


The basic material of the office reception desk is MDF. Its most suitable workmanship is the baking paint with 5 steps. Other material requirements can be met.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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