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Simple design for the reception desk customize office counter

Customize office reception counter

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As the facade of the office, it will directly affect the customer's first impression of the enterprise. So the decoration design of the enterprise reception desk is very important.

There are several types of reception desk: baking paint reception desk, marble stone reception desk, veneer finish reception desk, solid wood material reception desk and son on. Office furniture desk is generally tailored more in line with the mind. 


Reception counter customize style

The reception desk is a part of the purchase of furniture. Accurate size is required, and the color and style of the front desk also require careful design. It should be noted that the decoration style of the reception desk, the background wall and the enterprise hall of the office front desk can be seen that the design style. And the materials used at the front desk are integrated with the large environment and achieve a certain harmony in tone.


Office reception desk size

The size of this reception desk is not too big, it is about 2000 x 600 x 1100mm. This size of the reception counter just for your reference. We can customize it with any size you want. So you can measure the size of your location at the front desk and get back to us.


The front desk material

For this front desk, the material is plywood with laminate. Because it has the wooden color. Usually, if the counter has a wooden color, we will use wooden laminate or veneer material to make it.

If use wooden laminate, there is a black line between the two boards. But if we use veneer material, there will not have a black line. The whole surface is a very smooth and good touch.


Customer questions:

How to order a reception counter?

You can visit our company website and check some designs. Then you can send us the design you want. If you want the same size and design, you can order and pay for it directly.

But if you want a customize size or have a little thing want to change on the design. Please welcome to contact us to communicate with your requirements. We will quote the price according to the size and your other requirements.

If the size bigger, or use a different material, the price will be a little different.


How to customize a new reception desk design?

If you want any changes to the existing model, please contact us and let us know. We will let our design team make a new 3d model for the reception counter. For the customize 3d design of the reception desk, we will charge a 300$ design deposit.

We will send the 3d design for you to check and review. And then we can discuss and if need any changes, we will change it for you.

To make a customize 3d design for the reception desk can for you to see the effect before you order.


How is the package and is it safe?

For the package at the reception counter, if it is not too big, then we will pack it in a whole set. But if it is too big or too long, we will pack it divided into 2 parts or several parts.

The package is foam inside and a wooden box outside. It is very safe for the long time shipping so you can be assured.


Can you arrange the shipping for me?

Yes, we can arrange the shipping for you. Please send us the nearest destination port from you. And then we can check the shipping cost for you.

If you want us to send the reception desk directly to your home address or office address, please send us your detailed address then we can check it for you.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood with laminate
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