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We all know that there are many types of wines, and the longer the wines are, the better the taste. Some wine lovers like to collect wine. There are many different vintages and types of wine at home. So, when we collect wine, how can there be no wine display stand? We all know that no matter what it is, there are many kinds of things that can show them. Here, I hope you can find what you like. Among the many wine display racks, there is always the one we like. So, what are the options for wine display? Check our page and find your favorite wine display racks, stands and shelves at affordable cost.
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  1. Shopping Mall Wine Display Rack Grape Landing Island Cabinet Wine Display Cabinet Combination Iron Rack
    As low as $55.00
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Custom Wine Display Racks , Shelves and Cases For Sale

  1. Wall Wine Pegs

This wine display is composed of two pegs with grooves. Its structure is very simple, just two pegs. The length of the peg can determine the amount of wine you put. If the peg is longer, more wine is displayed, and if the peg is shorter, less wine is displayed. Generally, you can see how many pegs there are on display. Thin wine mouth can be stuck in the slot to avoid display racks

  1. Unique Style wine Display

As the name implies, the shape of this wine display is the shape of a baseball bat. There are a few circles in the middle to catch the wine bottle. Generally, it can hold up to three. This display is suitable for relatively few wines. Its shape is special and creative if we have a small quantity of wine, it is a good choice to show at the exhibition.

  1. Wall Racks

This kind of display is usually installed on the wall. It is composed of some racks. Generally, a wine bottle is supported by two sticks. It can have many shapes. It can be geometric, round, or irregular. As long as there are two sticks in the middle to support the wine. If you want to install on the wall and look artistic, you can choose this display.

  1. Wooden Display Cabinet

This kind of display is the most common. It is usually placed on the ground. Each floor can hold a lot of wine. The capacity is relatively large. Depending on the size of the display cabinet, it can even hold hundreds of bottles of wine. This type of cabinet is more suitable for wholesale or liquor stores. This cabinet also has many shapes, we can decide its shape and style according to our own preferences. It can be applied to wholesale stores as well as households.

  1. Round Hole Wine Rack

This kind of shelf is also usually installed on the wall. It is a wooden board. We can make some round holes on the wooden board that is similar in size to the neck of the wine. We can put the wine in it. This kind of display is also quite special, it is usually made of wood, we can choose the wood grain color we like.

These displays are relatively common, and you may not be able to finish them if you count them down. Regardless of the shape, color, or size of the wine rack, we can do it. The material can also be made according to what you like.

Ant Display is a company dedicated to customizing display furniture. We support custom-made drawings, as well as help customers, create a new design. We have our own design team, as long as you have ideas, you can tell us. We will first make a design according to your ideas. After the design is completed, you can see a clear and incomplete 3D display. You can see its color, shape, effect, and even size. If you want to install some display racks for your store, you can give me your store floor plan, we will design suitable display wine racks for you according to the size and layout of your store so that you can know these display racks before ordering What effect will it have in your store. It can facilitate us to make better choices.

How to Order Wine Display From Ant Display?

Contact us and tell us what kind of presentation you need. If you want to arrange some wine display for your store, you can tell us the floor plan or size of the store, we can design a wine display suitable for your store style and size according to your floor plan, and will confirm with you after the design is completed, if necessary Modify, you can tell us. We will modify it until you are satisfied.

After confirming the design, we will give you a quotation table according to the design content, our price depends on the type, material, quantity, and size of the furniture. When determining the design and detail drawings, you need to pay a 50% deposit. During the production process, we will constantly update the product status, you can always know the progress of the goods. After all the goods are completed, we will give you a complete video of the goods. After confirming the goods, you need to pay another 50% of the balance payment. When receiving the balance payment, we will arrange the shipment. We can ship to your nearest port or your detailed address. We support

Do you still have any questions? Please contact us to start your project.