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Wood Wine Display Stand & Mall Display Stand Shop Fixture with Light Box for Sale

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Wine racks are very popular among many people. Different types of wine racks will give customers different experiences.

Display Stands

The wine rack I want to introduce to you is specifically used in supermarkets, especially behind the cashier counter. In this way, it is convenient for customers to choose and employees to pick up the goods.


Structure, the display stand includes the lightbox, display stand area, and storage cabinet. At the top of the display, stand to install the lightbox and can put your poster on the lightbox. The lightbox has a huge effect which will make the whole display stand more bright and attractive.

The display area, which can display wine and cigarettes. You can see there are 6 layers to display the cigarette, and 5 layers to display the wine.

Storage areas, the bottom of the display stand is the cabinet which can store the goods.

Of course, these display cabinets can be freely combined. Can be recombined according to their own needs.



We will use plywood as the main material. The surface we will use laminate on the surface. For the color, you can choose the color that you interested in.


Production Process

We need to make the wooden cabinet firstly. The step includes cutting the board and then assemble the wood board into the wooden cabinet. Second, we will start to stick the laminate on the surface. The final step is to install the lightbox and the cabinet door and locks.


Ant Display

The Ant Display focuses on customizing the different styles of the shop fixtures and the mall kiosk. If you have a new place and want to open the shop fixtures, we have a professional design team and can customize a new one for you. The 3d design will show all of your needs, then you will see the whole effect, and will know how it will look.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials plywood
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