Home & commercial wine display racks | wine & wine glass retail shelves for sale

Home & commercial wine display racks | wine & wine glass retail shelves for sale

Wine Display Rack

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Metal rack for display wine | high-end wine display for sale

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Do you like wine? In many people's homes, there are some wines that have been kept for many years. We all say that the longer the wine is, the more mellow it will be, so wine with history is very precious. Many people have a taste for wine collection, so when there is more wine, we must find a shelf to display it. Wine is precious, so the shelf for displaying wine should be high-end. The wine display to be displayed today can be used for both consumer and commercial purposes, but the commercial is only for these industries that sell wine by the way, because its size is not large, if you buy one later, it will not be enough to display large quantities of wine. Let’s see the details.

High quality wine display for sale

Size: 2400x1800x350cm

Metal material: Iron

Structure technology: Metalwork

Gross weight: 75KG

Our location: Shenzhen, China

Production time: About 15 working days

Do you like this wine display rack design? Our furniture can be customized. If you want to buy some wine racks, you can tell me your requirements. We can first make a design according to your requirements. After confirming the design, production will be arranged. If there is a style you like on our website, you can place an order directly. The shipping cost depends on your port or your arrival address. We have multiple materials, it can be wood or metal. Wood will be cheaper, and metal will look higher. But no matter what kind of material, the display stands made are very beautiful. If you want to buy, we recommend buying in bulk, because with shipping, bulk buying will be more cost-effective. Due to the relatively large volume of the display rack, we generally transport it by sea. The time is about 25-40 days.

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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Metal
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