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Wine Display Shelves | Wooden Liquor Retail Rack

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Liquor is a very special drink, it has many degrees and flavors. Many adults like to drink at the dinner table. Drinking can make people excited and sometimes forget their troubles. This is why it is popular. Many people have the habit of collecting liquor, so you need to have some display shelves for liquor in your home. This is the same in a Liquor store, they often need some large-capacity furniture to display their liquor.

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Liquor Rack Details

What I want to introduce today is a large-capacity wooden liquor display cabinet, which is very sturdy and advanced. An entire cabinet can be displayed, and the display of the upper part and the lower part is different. The above is a sloped display. There are liquor troughs on it. They conform to the shape of the liquor. When we put the liquor on it, it is also very stable. The following display is more suitable for storage because it is square, we can not see the type of liquor. A small area in the middle can be used for liquor glasses.


Size: 4500x350x2400mm

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Toe Kick: Stainless steel


Due to the relatively large size, this liquor rack is produced in 5 small cabinets. When you receive the goods, just put them together.

We are a furniture customization company, and all our products are handmade. The size and wood color of the furniture can be chosen. We can make a suitable display according to the size of your liquor bottle. 

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Packaging & Shipment

This liquor rack is also packed in 5 wooden boxes. Our packaging is wooden box packaging with foam board on the inside. The cabinet itself will also be wrapped with pearl cotton and stretch film. 

After the goods are completed, we can help you transport them to the nearest port or the location you specify. Freight depends on the volume of the cargo and the port. We can only find the accurate shipping cost when we are ready to ship.

Production time: 20-25 working days

Delivery time: 25-40 days

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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