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In retail stores, we can see that most of the display cabinets used to display jewelry are relatively large wooden display cabinets. Some products can be displayed as much as possible, but the layout of them for customers to choose from is not good. Therefore, we recommend a display box that can independently display valuables such as jewelry.

Product Description

Details Of Transparent Glass Display Box

This is a display box with a very simple structure. A transparent glass cover and base are its main structure. It will not take up much space for you, you can place it wherever you want. We can also add the base to the height you want according to your requirements, which is convenient for you to show your products to customers.


The uniqueness of this glass transparent display box is the position of the LED light. In the display boxes we generally see, the lights are installed on the corners of the glass cover. Although the light is very small, it will still obscure the product you are showing. Therefore, we install the LED light on the base, which can increase the brightness of the product you are showing, and it will not hinder customers from observing it. And it is also equipped with an independent switch, allowing you to control the light at any time.


The glass display box we designed has a wide range of applicability. Not only can it be used to display jewelry, gems, collectibles, etc., but also some cultural relics that need to be displayed in a specific environment.


The cover above is made of environmentally friendly glass material, while the base is made of acrylic material. We can also according to your requirements to use materials to make it for you. You just need to tell us about all of your needs.





More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Tempered Glass
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