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Customize Book Shelf Display & Portable Glass Cabinet with Combined Wine Showcase for sale

Customize Glass Display Cabinet & Book Display Shelf & Wine Cabinet 

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Glass cabinets become very popular among people. It can showcase goods even close the glass door. The glass display showcase can use as a book display shelf, wine cabinet, and souvenir display stand.

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Useful glass display showcase introduction

Size: These are two popular size we usually made, 120cm*40cm*200cm or 80cm*80cm*200cm. We can make combined cabinets and custom-made them fit the wall size.

Color: The main color is a blue-gray cabinet for the kiosk body, a golden metal frame as a decoration. While the tempered glass is in brown color and the cabinet color is white. They look very luxurious and upscale.

Material: MDF, metal, glass, stainless steel, light lamp, etc.

material information

Detailed information

Showcase with glass door

It is the most popular display showcase we have made. The glass showcase has many shelves to place all kinds of things. Each shelf has a light lamp to highlight the items and locks glass door with golden metal frame decoration. We can add lock drawers on the bottom and store cabinet at the top.

Wine Display cabinet

The wine display cabinet mainly used to showcase all kinds of wines. The middle area has an open grid cabinet to restore red wines. Wine glasses can be placed on the top of the grid cabinet. While the bottom can also have a shelf for brandy, cocktails, etc. We can also add drawers and cabinets to increase the storage area.

Open bookshelf display

It is an open shelf to place books and small decorations. Each shelf also has a light lamp for brightness. We can make it in the middle of the display stand as a separate cabinet. It can be made into a curved display cabinet and placed in the corner to increase the display space.

Production process


It’s a good idea to combine these display shelves and even customize them. We can get a good display effect and increase practicality. 

More Information
Color grey
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, baking paint, metal, tempered glass, etc.
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