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Nowadays, the development of science and technology is more and more rapid, and people use more and more advanced advertising equipment to display. From the traditional paper display to today's electronic display screen, it not only helps us save a lot of resources but also facilitates our lives. You will definitely like this technological billboard.

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LED Digital Screen Descriptions

When you see this design drawing, you might think that the posters displayed are just photos, but in fact, it is the effect after the posters are displayed on the LED electronic display. We used an ultra-thin high-definition screen so that the visual effect displayed is very clear and there is no blurry picture.

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LED billboards also have a major feature, which can display your promotional posters in full color. In the past, due to equipment or file problems when we were printing, printed posters were prone to color distortion. If you use an LED screen billboard, don't worry about this problem. The high-definition high-resolution screen restores your poster.

LED sign

LED sign

It is also more convenient to use, you can directly connect to your mobile phone to transfer files to the display, you can change at will, not limited to a certain screen, but also save resources. The 178° wide-angle angle allows your customers to see the effect very well at every angle.

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In addition to the mobile phone connection, it can also be connected to the USB connection, which is quick and convenient to use in many ways.

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This kind of LED screen can not only be used for single-screen display, but also multi-screen split-screen combination display. The content of a poster can be displayed on multiple split screens, which can not only enlarge your content but also allow customers to see it more clearly, increasing the screen and visual effects.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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