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Ultra-thin High-Definition Vertical Multi-function Touch Advertising Display

Smart Digital Signage Floor Standing Advertising Player

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In the early days, billboards made by people were handwritten and printed. With the development of technology, current billboards have become more and more advanced. They can not only display publicity but also have multiple functions. Owning digital signage means having several Taiwan equipment, let me introduce you in detail.

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Product details

You can see from the appearance that it is different from other billboards. The one we made is vertical, which is very close to our height, which makes the customer look and feel better. The main display area of this billboard is in the upper part. You can choose a whole screen to display one content or split screens to display multiple contents. We can help you adjust it.


178° wide-angle, no matter which angle the display is displayed, the picture is very clear. And you can also choose the touch screen style, which can be used as an advertising machine in your free time, and it can also be used for catering, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, and stations.

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The overall frame of this vertical advertising player is made of aluminum alloy, which is strong and durable; The entire electronic display is a high-definition LED screen, and the large resolution makes the displayed picture clearer and fuller colors. Will shake.

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There is a heat dissipation system on the back, and it is also equipped with a WiFi antenna, which supports the use of a variety of computer systems. You can browse the web and download various apps. Comes with speakers, a USB, and other configurations of connecting wires.

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More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials Metal
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