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Touch Screen TV Teaching All-in-one Multimedia Interactive Meeting Electronic Whiteboard

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6 in 1 Smart Whiteboard

Equivalent to tablet + computer + projector + speaker + whiteboard

Double System


CPU: Quad-core

Running memory: 2G

Storage memory: 16G

System: Android 9.0


Motherboard: Industrial Motherboard

CPU: Intel i3/i5/i7

Memory: 4G

Hard Disk: 128G solid-state hard drive

System: win7(Optional win8/10)

Multimedia interactive conference

touch screen
5 core functions

touch screen

    1. Writing

10-point touch, gesture erasing.

Zoom in, zoom out, drag and drop, switch freely

touch screen

  1. Annotation

Open instantly, write and draw at will.

touch screen

  1. Share

touch screen

  1. Demo

U disk, HDMI signal is automatically recognized, and pictures stored in personal devices can also be demonstrated.

touch screen

  1. Mirroring

Use the small screen to control the big screen, and the conference speaker can switch at will.

With the touch of the large screen to return, the screen switching is unimpeded.

There are also split screens on the same screen, and up to four similar devices can be displayed on split screens at the same time.

touch screen


The conference machine is compatible with a variety of third-party teleconferencing software and is equipped with a camera.

Simple, efficient, low cost

Real-time audio and video communication between teams around the world, like a face-to-face meeting


Open a new model of interactive teaching

Use for preschool education, free whiteboard software, nursery rhymes


Meeting whiteboard

In Word, PPT, whiteboard, office software, you can easily complete meeting operations.

Support reading, writing, erasing, comparison, saving, printing, and other functions.

In the writing whiteboard, you can quickly complete business tasks such as reading, writing, comparison, saving, printing, and E-Mail sending in the meeting.


Gesture erasing is convenient and quick.

Newly added gesture erasing function to facilitate quick modification of content.

multimediaPPT import, any comments.

Import PPT, documents, pictures, and annotate at will.

Advertising screen

Rich teaching resources

Provide electronic textbooks for preschool, elementary school, and junior high school. Elementary school electronic textbooks support point-to-read pronunciation. The textbooks from elementary to junior high school provide reading functions. Supports navigation, drag page-turning, shortcut key page-turning page number search, and other browsing methods, which is convenient for classroom teaching applications.

Advertising screen

Advertising screen

Teaching whiteboard

The various tools in the whiteboard toolbar are easy to operate, and the background color, brush color, and strokes can be changed.

Advertising screen

Advertising screen

Smart touch

Supports multi-touch, multiple people can operate and demonstrate on the screen at the same time, with fast sensing speed and sensitive response. The capacitive screen defaults to ten-point touch, and the infrared defaults to two-point touch.

Advertising screen

Screen recording and playback

Both sound and screen can be recorded.

Advertising screen

Wireless projection

Built-in wireless WIFI, the use of wireless screen transfer software can realize multi-person operation and demonstration on the screen at the same time, which is convenient for meeting discussion and communication. A single person can cast the screen and scan the QR code to cast the screen for the demonstration.

Advertising screen

Advertising screen

Multi-person interaction on the same screen

Use the wireless screen transfer software, connect the mobile device, open the wireless screen transfer software, and click the "computer screen" tool to make the mobile device and the conference whiteboard have the same screen. Everyone can write annotations at the same time by downloading wireless screen transfer software, no matter the mobile phone, tablet, or computer, which is convenient for communication.

Advertising screen

Mobile phone downloads wireless screen transfer software to achieve more functions

Download the wireless screen transfer software during a meeting, you can open local files, transfer files to each other, switch screens, and intelligently control. Multiple mobile devices can be operated at the same time, realizing true zero-distance communication.

Advertising screen

Send files as you like

Through the wireless screen transfer software, you can directly send the file to MeetingAP to open, without using a data cable or U disk, saving time

Advertising screen

Dual system operation

Windows, Android integrated design can switch in real-time. Install the display APP to switch the Android system, use the Windows system function to play PPT, etc. to switch the Windows system.

Advertising screen

High-definition screen, multiple configurations.

Tempered glass frame, 1920*1080 resolution. Industrial control motherboard, optional Celeron, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 CPU, effectively improve work efficiency.

Advertising screen

Rich interface

HDMI, VGA, AV, TV, network interface, you can easily connect computers, cases, U disks, game consoles, and other equipment to the TV, creating a variety of entertainment possibilities.

Advertising screen

Advertising screen

Advertising screen

Product Shows

Product Dimensions

Silver wall-mounted touch

Product specifications Physical dimension Display area Resolution Screen ratio
19-inch capacitive screen 452.8*273.8 411*232 1366*768 16:9
22-inch capacitive screen 519.8*311.3 478*269.5 1920*1080 16:9
24-inch capacitive screen 564.8*337.6 523*295.8 1920*1080 16:9
27inch capacitive screen 639*378 597.2*336.2 1920*1080 16:9
32-inch infrared screen 743.9*439.6 698*393 1920*1080 16:9
43-inch infrared screen 988*577 943*530 1920*1080 16:9
50-inch infrared screen 1142.8*663.8 1095*616 1920*1080 16:9
55-inch infrared screen 1257.8*728.6 1210*682 1920*1080 16:9
65-inch infrared screen 1477.5*854.5 1428*803 1920*1080 16:9

Black with a front interface

55-inch infrared screen 1264.9*779 1209.6*680.9 1920*1080 16:9
65-inch infrared screen 1483.8*902.05 1428.5*804 1920*1080 16:9
75-inch infrared screen 1715.2*1036.4 1651.2*930.2 1920*1080 16:9
86-inch infrared screen 1960*1174 1896*1067 1920*1080 16:9

Common installation methods of conference machines

A: With mobile stand

B: Combined with sliding blackboard installation

C: Hang directly on the wall

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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