Hair salon shop inside retail cabinet with sink for sale

Hair salon shop inside retail cabinet with sink for sale

Barber shop most popular salon wet station for sale

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Hello friends, everyone who has been to the barbershop must know the furniture and some equipment in the barbershop. Generally, in addition to haircuts, some men's barbershops also provide services for customers to shave. In order to facilitate the operation, we often use some stations with sinks. This kind of station has a workbench, drawer, mirror, and sink, which is very convenient for our operation. It is also a very popular type of furniture for barbershops. 

Barbershop wet station details

Size: 1.5x0.45x2m

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Laminate

Others: Mirror, sink

Our location: Shenzhen, China

This station is relatively simple, its size is not large, and does not need to be disassembled. When we finish the production, it can be used directly. We are a customized company, and all our products are customized according to customer needs. So we have no inventory. After you place the order, we will submit the drawing of the cabinet to our factory, and our workers will make it according to the details on the drawing.


This kind of wet station generally uses plywood, and the surface is treated with wood grain veneer. This material is fireproof and very durable. Our production is generally divided into three steps. Make a wooden body, stick laminate, and then install some accessories.

  1. Wooden body. All of our products have their detailed drawings, and our workers produce them based on this drawing. We will prepare the corresponding wood according to the shape and size of the station and then fix them together. Make the shape of this station.
  2. Surface finish. Our surface finish is stick laminate. There are many wood grains and colors to choose from. If you want to change the color, you can tell us and we will send you some options.
  3. Install. The last step is to install the mirror and sink. We usually choose tiles for sinks. When you receive the goods, you can connect to the water source in your shop.


Since this wet station has mirrors and sinks, we need to pay more attention to packaging. We will first wrap the edges of the station, we use pearl cotton for edging, and then wrap the entire cabinet with stretch film. The surface of the sink will also be packaged. Our outer packaging is a wooden box, and the inside of the wooden box is a foam board, which is very safe. We will also put a fragile label on the outer packing box so that the person in charge of transportation will be more careful.


Our mode of transportation is sea transportation. We will deliver the goods to your designated port or your specific address. During the transportation of the goods, we will send you the invoice and bill of lading required for customs clearance. You can use these documents to pick up the goods at the port. All imported goods need to pay taxes to the customs, the specific amount depends on the customs and the total value of the goods. When the goods arrive at the port, you can hire a fork to unload and transport the goods. Different countries have different shipping times. Generally, it is about 25-35 days.

Ant Display Furniture

We are an export company specializing in various commercial furniture. We have our own designers and factories. You can find anything you need here. Our furniture is customized, no matter the color, size, or size. If you have any ideas, you can contact us. We will help you design and make what you want. Looking forward to our cooperation.

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Color wooden
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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