Barber shop most popular salon wet station for sale

Barber shop most popular salon wet station for sale

salon wet station

Barber Station Working Counter with Sink Modern Salon Wet Station with Mirror for Sale

Hair salon shop inside retail cabinet with sink for sale

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Hello everyone, what I want to introduce to you today is the furniture in the barbershop. This furniture is a bit similar to the cabinets in our house. It has storage cabinets on both sides, and a sink in the middle. The countertop is stone. This is one of the most commonly used furniture in barbershops. We all know that the sink is very important in the barbershop. We need water to clean many things. Such as towels or some tools. This cabinet can also put some tools we often need to use, or some shampoo, hair clips, etc. 

Barbershop retail furniture details

Size: 2438x600x1981mm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Countertop: Granite

Sink: Stainless steel

Kick: Gold stainless steel

Others: Lock, handle, sockets

Production time: About 15 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

This was ordered by our customers from the United States, and it has a barbershop. He bought a lot of furniture from us. When we confirming the salon wet cabinet design and detailed drawings, we will submit this cabinet drawing to our factory. Our worker will according to the details to produce this cabinet. We are a custom company, all our products are designed and customized to our customer’s requirements. So you can buy the furniture you like here. No matter its color, shape, or size.


Our production has four steps. First is make the wooden body, second is polished the cabinet, third is paint and finally is install the accessories. Our basic material is medium density fiberboard. This is a very commonly used material, and the surface is painted. The paint has good color rendering and the surface is smooth and shiny. Looks very beautiful.

Wooden body

The wooden cabinet is the first step we make. We need to make the shape of this cabinet according to the shape on the drawing, and reserve wires inside. The wire is used to install the socket.


Polishing is to make the surface of the wooden cabinet body smoother and smoother, with stronger roughness and adsorption capacity. After the cabinet is polished, we still need to coat it with a primer.

Baking paint

Baking paint is the process of coloring, we need to choose the color in advance. The paint has glossy paint and matte paint. This generally depends on the customer's preference. We use glossy paint for this cabinet. We need to spray the color on the cabinet, and then bake it at a high temperature. It will be fine after standing for a while.


The installation of this cabinet is to install stone countertops, cabinet doors, hardware accessories, sinks, sockets, and baseboards. After all the lights are installed, the cabinet is complete.

salon station

barber shop cabinet


After the goods are completed, we will pack and deliver it to your national port. If you need to deliver it to the door, you can tell me your address. We will help you transport to your designated location. When the goods arrive at the port, they will notify you in advance to pick up the goods. We will send you the bill of lading and invoice, and you can use this information to pick up the goods. There will be a fee for the destination port when the goods arrive at the port, and you need to ask your port person in charge of the specific amount.

Why do I need to pay at our port?

The freight you pay to us is the cost of our port and the cost of transportation from our factory to your port. The port of destination fee is collected by your customs. All imported goods need to pay taxes and other fees at the port of destination. You can ask your customs for details.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Baking paint
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