Wooden watches cabinet | high quality for glass watches stand

Wooden watches cabinet | high quality for glass watches stand

watch display kiosk

Modern white jewelry mall retail booth watch display cabinet design used in mall

4m by 2m retail watch display showcase jewelry display kiosk design used in mall

  1. this watch kiosk design is very functional and nice 
  2. we can customize,help redesign it as your needs
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In recent years, when shopping, you will find that there are more and more jewelry shops on the street, and one family is bigger than one. The demand for jewelry is not very large. Why do so many people choose to do jewelry business? An important reason is that because the jewelry itself has high value and high profit, jewelry is used every year for weddings, and there is a fixed demand.


Here today I want to share you a nice watch display showcase.

it is 4m by 2m,it used mainly white matched some dark purple,top all are glass display showcase.The bottom are storage cabinets,here you can put your storage.The high purple pillar comes with customer logo and led signs. This kiosk not only very nice,also very functional.


Some detailed info about the watch display showcase share you:

  • Size:4m by 2m
  • Material:MDF with purple and white paint finish
  • Surface:purple and white paint finish
  • Style:elegant and nice
  • Accessories:illuminated logos,led lights,led light box
  • Production time:20-22 work days


What’s the progress to start a watch kiosk in mall?

  1. firstly,to start, you need meet with mall management to discuss to confirm a location. You need tell them want to a what kind business to choose a suitable location.
  2. Second, you need think about your budget to open a jewelry kiosk. There have 3 area you need take into consideration.First is the rent, second is the kiosk cost, then is the cost to order jewelry.for rent if you are new started you can go with a small location,this way rent will be smaller;for kiosk cost you need check with direct kiosk supplier.
  3. Find a professional supplier to help you design and build the kiosk.when choose supplier,you’d better choose a direct factory. You can tell them your needs to create a model as your needs
  4. After production then you need think is shipping. You can ask the supplier arrange or you can arrange yourself.
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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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