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Small Size Pop-up Watch Retail Booth In Mall W/ LED Lighted Showcase and Wooden Counters For Sale

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High-end watch display kiosk for jewelry kiosk

High-end solid wood watch display kiosk in mall


Color: black and wooden

Function: display watch

Advantage:fireproof, anti-exposure, stable

Main material: solid wood and tempered glass

Availability: In stock


Solid wood kiosk is a kind of popular kiosk. Many customers like to choose this type of kiosk. They often use them as food, barber kiosk and so on, the usage range is very wide. What's so appealing about it? Let's take the following watch kiosk as an example.

From the picture, it is not difficult to find that it also uses solid wood as the main material. Moreover, it also combines with MDF with the baking paint, which is very shiny as the piano lacquer. Compared to using metal lipping, using wood is more retro. No denying that the whole kiosk is very top grade and elegant. That is why it is deeply loved by many customers.

watch display kiosk

As a watch display, it needs to have enough space to display the product. This wood watch kiosk includes several tempered glass displays. Each kiosk is divided into 2 or 4 layers, you are allowed to make full use of them. More importantly, around the displays, they install some light strips to bright the space. We provide the main power line and when you receive the kiosk, just connect your local power and turn on the switch, then it will work.

Solid wood edge


The kiosk consists of several separate displays, therefore, when you receive the goods, just set them in the right space like the design. It is very easy. Don’t need to install it by yourself.


If you like this solid wood watch kiosk,pls kindly contact us.

More Information
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 10*10 ft
Materials solid wood and tempered glass
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