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Pop-up watch retail shop in mall w/ glass showcase & retail stand for sale

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Small Size Pop-up Watch Retail Booth In Mall W/ LED Lighted Showcase and Wooden Counters For Sale

Modern watch display showcase jewelry display kiosk with cabinet design used in mall

1.this watch kiosk is very modern and luxury style is functional comes with a lot storage area

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You will easy find many business men wear watches,why more and more people like wear watches?One one time,watches can used a nice decoration, for men they don’t have decoration like women, women have jewelry and different kinds of decorations, for men watches can be a good decoration.On the other time, for business men, watches can show their Identity.And they couldn’t always see phone, so watches are good for them to control the time.Many jewelry kiosk when display jewelry will also sell watches.


Here today I want to share you a nice watch display kiosk:


This watch kiosk is big, it whole area is 7m by 4m, it used white,dark golden,black and light blue color,whole kiosk looks very luxury and nice.Around the kiosk are showcases,middle is a house for storage,inside the kiosk has a chat table,to supply consultation service for customers.It can display jewelry and watches, also have a lot storage area for storage.



The assemble progress:the assemble is very easy.Before load we will finish all assemble,we will go wires,do electricity,add lights,logos,menus etc, just considering shipping we will divide it into several sections, we will number them,when you received just put them together and join wires then can use.

The production time:make a cart as usually need 18-22 work days, firstly need do the cart body, then do surface paint and finish, then finally will be assemble

The order progress:firstly you need find sales person and tell them your detail needs,like want make how big, need what color,sell what products,how to layout etc
Second, our design team will help you create a design as your needs for you see effect

Third,then you can see the design,after design ok, we will follow design check price for your ref.

More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF with paint
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