brow threading bar

10ft by 10ft USA brow threading bar hair salon booth with double side stations used in mall

eyebrow threading bar in mall

Modern Design Eyebrow Salon, Eyebrow Bar In Mall For Brow Threading & Eyelash Extension

Hot sale eyebrow threading kiosk to Vancouver

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High-quality shopping mall eyebrow thread kiosk details

Size: 10x12ft

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Kick: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic hollow out logo, acrylic no luminous logo

Color: White, Brown (Can be customized)

Others: Sticker, 8mm tempered glass, mirrors, outlets, hardware

Production time: About 28 working days

Our location: Shenzhen, China

Today I want to introduce a very popular eyebrow thread kiosk. We have made more than 5 sets of this style, and each set has a different size and color. Today this one was ordered by our customer from Vancouver, Canada, and it has applied for a position in the mall. We help it design a new display cabinet according to its location and size and customer requirements. We all know the content of the eyebrow thread kiosk. The internal structure of all eyebrow threads kiosk is basically the same. Workbench with mirror, cabinet with sink, seating area, and a cash register. This is the content of our eyebrow thread. But its appearance, shape, and color are indeed diverse. On our website, you can see many different styles of the kiosk, which are customized according to our requirements.

Kiosk Description

The inside of the kiosk I introduced today has four working areas, four mirrors, and we can put our products on the counter. Our counter has some storage drawers for our tools. Generally, our eyebrow threads have sinks, but our customers don’t need them, so we didn’t design them. On the other side of the work, the area is the rest area and the cash register. If we have more customers, they can wait here. The exterior of our kiosk can be decorated with our logo, menu, and some stickers, which will be more attractive. We have installed two advertising players in the outer box of this kiosk, and we can play our service content or some attractive videos.

Production Process

After we confirm the design, construction drawings, and orders with the customer, we will send the construction drawings to our factory. Our workers will produce according to the content on the drawing. Our kiosk is disassembled. It needs to be done in several parts. First, we will make the wooden cabinet first, then polish it, and then paint it. The baking paint is a very common surface treatment, and it has good color rendering. The surface is smooth and shiny, which is the choice of many customers. After finishing the paint, we need to install all the accessories. Such as mirrors, sockets, baseboards, logos, light strips, stickers, and transformers. When all the wires, sockets, and lights are completed, we will assemble the kiosk and open the circuit. If you have an advertising machine, we will help you test and adjust it. After the construction is completed, we will send you pictures and videos to confirm that there is no problem, we will install, pack, and ship.

eyebrow thread kiosk


Our packing boxes are wooden boxes, so the cabinets are all packed in wooden boxes. Let's pack the cabinet itself first. Our edge will be wrapped with EEP pearl cotton and wrapped several times with stretch film. Then put the cabinet into the wooden box, and we will put a foam board on the inside of the wooden box. So our cabinet is very safe. If our kiosk is divided into 5 cabinets, then we have 5 wooden boxes.


After the cabinet is packed, we will arrange transportation. We will help you arrange the customs declaration information, commodity inspection information, and other information required for export, and transport of the kiosk to the nearest port. After the kiosk arrives in Hong Kong, we need to do the customs clearance and other aspects. We will send you the information needed for customs clearance and delivery. The shipping time varies from country to country, and it is about 25-35 days.

How to assemble a kiosk?

After you receive the goods, you can put the separate cabinets together according to the position of the design drawing and connect them to the sockets at the bottom. Some cabinets need to be fixed with screws. After connecting the wires between them, there is the main wire in our cash register, you can connect it to the power supply of the mall, and it will work. 

beauty kiosk

How to customize a kiosk?

If you have space in your mall, when you sign a contract, you can contact us and tell us what kiosk size you need. If you have your favorite kiosk pictures, you can send us. We can make a new kiosk design according to your mall space and your requirements. When finishing the design, you can send it to your mall. After it gets approval, we can start production. Our kiosk price is based on the final design. ( Kiosk size, material, and style.)


Design fee: The kiosk design fee is 300USD, it includes the 3D image and the construction drawings. When we place an order, it will be returned to you.

Payment Terms: TT wire transfer, Western Union. 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before shipment.

More Information
Color brown
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF , Baking paint
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