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Customized Eyebrow Threading Kiosk & Beauty Eyelash Booth with Unique Design for Sale

3x2m mall beauty service kiosk | eyelashes extension booth

3x2m mall beauty service kiosk | eyelashes extension booth

Factory Direct Sale Eyebrow Kiosk & Beauty Eyelash Booth in Retail Store for Sale

Customized Eyebrow Kiosk with Factory Price

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Both men and women, eyebrows are really important to people. If we have a good eyebrow shape, the temperament of our entire people will also become different. Therefore, many people will choose to correct the eyebrow shape to enhance the three-dimensional sense of the facial features; some people have a lighter eyebrow color, or do not match the hair color, so they will choose to change the eyebrow color to make the face more energetic. And an eyebrow that suits you can really help people improve their face value. The most important thing is that we don't need to draw eyebrows every day, which can save us some time.

Customized Eyebrow Kiosk in Retail Store

The main color of this eyebrow kiosk is black. There are three crush locations, and there is also a rest waiting area. There is also a display area next to it. This glass laminate display mainly shows the products that eyebrow product needs, which is convenient for customers to choose.


Size 10x12feet Material MDF
Surface baking paint Color black
Style Modern design Glass 8mm clear tempered glass
Hardware stainless steel handle Others luminous logo, light box, lock

The Process of Ordering the Eyebrow Kiosk

  • You need to contact our us to discuss your specific requirement about the eyebrow kiosk( the size, style, the color,layout...)
  • We have professional design team, and can do the design of the eyebrow kiosk according your needs(300 USD design deposit. But when you confirm the order, it will be refunded to your deposit)
  • We sign the contract after the design has been approved.
  • 50% as a production deposit .
  • We start to produce the kiosk after we receive the deposit.
  • lQuality inspection.
  • we will and install the kiosk in our factory,  the 50% balance you need to pay.
  • Pack it
  • Arrange shipping for you.


Design time: the first design will take 3-5working days.

The production time: it will take 22-25working days.

The shipping time: it depends on the airport and port.


We will install the eyebrow kiosk in our factory and then pack it divided into a few parts for convenient shipping. When you receive the eyebrow kiosk, connect the wires together. The milk tea kiosk can work.

Email: sales01@myidea-kiosks.com

More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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