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Unique Design Pink Eyebrow Threading Kiosk Mall Eyebrow Beauty Counter

Attractive design with customzation

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The eyebrow not only can improve the features of the face, but also can improve a person’s temperament. No matter the women and men all can pay attention to the eyebrow. But most of men don’t care about it. So it’s mainly for women. To fix the eyebrow can make a person to look more energetic and beautiful.

So nowadays, eyebrow beauty becomes a popular industry, because it can make the women beautiful and remove many troubles for drawing the eyebrow everyday, because some eyebrows become weak color. Therefore, if you have the skills or ideas of the eyebrow beauty business, you can start from the kiosk.

The eyebrow kiosk design

This one open-plan kiosk size is 10*8ft, which is enough big to do the business in the mall. The main color is pink. There are 4 types of going up and down chairs with 4 mirrors for the customers. Customers can see the effects from the mirror when they are doing the project. The mirrors can also help the staff to make the eyebrow. The led round lights are decorated the mirrors.

There are some cabinets of the kiosk to storage some eyebrow machines and tools, or something you want to put. Two corners are designed into one counter and one sink counter. One can be put the cash register, and the sinks can for staff to wash the tools or their hands before and after the eyebrow making. The two pillars are for the eyebrow beauty different posters to let customers know the kiosk’s business. The two pillars are made in pinkish-orange, which is a beautiful color. The door is big for customers to come in.

The basic material of the kiosk is MDF, if you have the requirements of the materials, we can meet your needs.

About us

We are very professional factory to make a design and customize the commercial kiosk and store interior design base on customers’ needs. We have over 10 years experience in doing the export business. Welcome to any questions from you and we are willing to help.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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