Massage Kiosk

Do you want an attractive and usage massage kiosk? Massage kiosk is mainly used to display fitness equipment and provide customers with fitness and massage services. As people pay attention to health and fitness, opening a mall kiosk in a shopping mall can bring you huge profits. Not only can you add fitness equipment, you can also add massage chairs, people can enjoy massage services to relax during get off work and rest time. According to your requirements, massage kiosk includes cash desk with lockers, sofas, fitness equipment, fences to protect privacy, brand signs, floors, etc. You can also add glass display cases based on requirements.

Ant Display is a professional manufacturer of massage kiosks and mall kiosks. The massage pavilions produced by our company are very popular in the United States, Canada and Australia. You can customize the massage pavilion according to your products and services. The production materials we use include but are not limited to medium density fiberboard, baking varnish, stone counters, plywood, laminate, wood and lights. We can also attach a brand name to the kiosk to enhance the company's image. No matter how much size and style of massage kiosk you need, you can find it as below, and can even customize one.

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Massage kiosk function:

The massage kiosk is multifunctional. In addition to displaying and providing services, massage kiosks can render the atmosphere and let guests feel the decoration and positioning of your shop. And you can also regard massage kiosks as an important way of publicity and promotion.

massage kioskProduct display function

Mall massage kiosks can display all the products and equipment, which is convenient for customers to choose and purchase. And they can also enjoy massage services here. This can promote cooperation very well. Whether your product is dumbbells, fine grinding guns, massage chairs, or full body massage services, you can choose the right massage kiosk at Ant display.

Brand image function

With the rapid economic development, the brand effect is very important for enterprises. It can bring you sales performance, and it is easy to get the favor and favor of customers. The Massage kiosk produced by Ant display can help you create a corporate image that impresses customers, thereby increasing brand recognition.

Marketing and market development functions

Because massage kiosks can shape corporate image and establish a brand. In this way, customers remember your brand when buying products and enjoying services, and they are willing to choose you again and introduce them to friends and family. This is free advertising to help you develop the market

Easy to install and transport

Generally, the massage kiosk in the shopping mall covers a large area. To facilitate transportation and use, all massage kiosks are divided into several modules to complete. When they are transported to the mall, they only need to be placed in order and connected to the power supply. All the work can be done by 1-2 people.

8 advantages of choosing Ant display:

  1. Focus on commercial display cabinets for 20 years

Ant display has 20 years of experience in massage kiosk production and has won unanimous praise and affirmation from customers

  1. Senior design team

Our company has a professional design team to create a satisfactory massage kiosk for you. You can also add your ideas and requirements.

  1. Full-time service team

Ant display provides timely pre-sales services, well-trained professional marketing personnel, to provide you with detailed and comprehensive consulting services; through good communication, combined with environmental and functional requirements, company image, and budget, we will provide you with a reasonable and comprehensive suggestion.

  1. Own factory 1,000 square meters

We have our production workshop, and the quality is controlled by a dedicated purchasing team and quality supervision department. You can get a massage kiosk with superb design and high quality.

  1. Modern production workshop and pure manual assembly

Ant display has modern production workshops and equipment. All steps are hand-made by workers to facilitate the control of details and structure. And every step is taken care of by a dedicated person.

  1. 30% cost savings, good quality, and low price

We are a massage kiosk manufacturer to help you save the cost of opening a shop.

  1. Worry-free after-sales guarantee

Each Massage kiosk will be trial installed and tested in our workshop, and then packaged and shipped after confirmation. All details will be photographed for you to confirm, worry-free after-sales guarantee.

  1. Selected environmentally friendly materials

We carefully select safe and environmentally friendly materials to ensure that they meet the requirements of shopping malls.