Chocolate Kiosk

Chocolate represents a good meaning, and it also has great development prospects in the market. Many people love to eat chocolate, especially girls, because chocolate is very delicious and can bring joy to people. At present, many people open a chocolate kiosk in shopping malls to make money. People can easily buy chocolates, and businesses can also make money. This is a very good project. It is very necessary to choose a good chocolate kiosk. It can not only help us show various shapes of chocolate, but also convey the brand concept to customers and build brand trust. The chocolate shop is not only a shop, but also a cultural embodiment. With the development of the times, chocolate is usually a manifestation of love, and it is also deeply loved by couples. Ant Display provide beautiful and useful chocolate kiosks. We can also build the kiosk according to your design. View more chocolate kiosks here.

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Chocolate display cabinets are mainly shops that produce, display, and sell chocolate desserts. It is mainly opened in shopping malls, dessert shops, or commercial streets. And the chocolate kiosk made by Ant display is made by special requirements, and its uniqueness can make your chocolate kiosk stand out among its peers. Help you get more traffic and customers, which helps us increase turnover. As a dessert, chocolate has a good taste and its unique shape is more likely to be favored by customers. Therefore, the most important display of chocolate kiosks should be chocolate culture and chocolate products. For example, from the shape of chocolate candies, we can make chocolate round candies, animals, cartoons, leaves, shells, geometric shapes, and so on. You can also add models or flowing chocolate decorations to the chocolate kiosk to make it look more realistic.

How to start chocolate kiosk business?

Investment amount

The investment amount of Chocolate kiosk determines your store location, store size and store positioning. Because shop rent is the most important investment in the early stage. If you are just starting a business, it is recommended to rent a location of about 3m by 2m in the mall. This is very helpful for your business because it is easy to take care of and only requires 1-2 people to start working. And the rent is relatively cheap. Of course, leases for good locations and high-end shopping malls are relatively expensive. If you already have your own brand, you can rent a booth according to your own plan and choose a suitable chocolate kiosk under the requirements of the mall.

Chocolate kiosk design

Chocolate kiosk decoration is also very important, because it determines the customer's first impression of you. Often the new and unique chocolate kiosk is easier to catch the eye, and new customers can easily become regular customers and are happy to introduce more customers to you.

Chocolate kiosk usually contains multiple glass display cabinets, which clients can view them directly. Checkout counters, lockers, baffles and sinks are necessities. Please don't forget to add the brand name and logo, light boxes and posters, these are important ways to promote products and build brand image. If you have any questions about chocolate kiosk decoration, you can contact us. Our company's professional designer team will help you design beautiful and practical chocolate kiosk.

The quality and taste of chocolate

There are many different types of chocolate on the market, but the taste must be an important way to retain customers. And we can also increase milk, fruits, etc. to meet the requirements of different customers, and continuous innovation can make your business longer.

How to order chocolate kiosk in Ant Display?

Ant display is a customize chocolate kiosk manufacturer, we provide chocolate kiosk 3D design service, production and installation service. No matter what size, style and color you need, you can find it in our company. And can also choose material for business.

  • First step, make 3D design drawing

For a customize chocolate kiosk, the design drawing is very important. Because it can make every part clearly, and you can also view what kiosk you will get. If you find somewhere need better, we can adjust soon. The 3D design drawing needs 3-5 workdays. And if you have a design, we can move to next step.

  • Second step, arrange deposit payment

Deposit payment view the order confirmed and we can start produce the chocolate kiosk as schedule. Payment term is 50% deposit before order and 50% balance before kiosk complete.  

  • Third step, produce chocolate kiosk

Workers produce the chocolate kiosk according to the 3D design and detailed drawing. It is complete step by step. And all the procedure will be shown in video and photos for confirmation.

  • Fourth step, pre-build the chocolate kiosk and rest it

When the chocolate kiosk complete, workers will install the chocolate first and show you the final effect. And test every part to make sure they work correct. Then package it will and ship out after your confirm.